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  Total 9 Ball - Search For A Star - 2015
Posted by admin
on Thursday, July 16 2015 @ 15:08:48 BST  (125 reads)
www.total9ball.com - entry and chat in Pro9's forums

Click the image to view the full size poster - use "back" to return here.

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  2015 China 9 Ball Open - Poster and Useful Links
Posted by admin
on Saturday, July 04 2015 @ 09:53:08 BST  (265 reads)
www.wpa-pool.com - www.alison-chang.com - www.cbsa.org.cn

Click the image to view the full size poster - use "back" to return here.

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  Staveley Simply Too Good at T9B Dynamic Amateur Series Event 5!!!
Posted by admin
on Tuesday, June 30 2015 @ 09:22:15 BST  (280 reads)
Total 9 Ball Total 9 Ball - The Amateur Series - Event 5
The St Albans Hurricane Room
Unit 8 Verulam Industrial Estate
224 London Road
St Albans

Saturday 27 June 2015

Click the image to view the large photograph - use "back" to return here.

Staveley Simply Too Good at T9B Dynamic Amateur Series Event 5!!!

Total9Ball returned on Saturday 27th June for event 5 of their 8 event Amateur Series of 2015. Once again the event gained the maximum support of 32 players and what a line up it was. Players travelling from up and down the country to compete for the trophy, prize money and ranking points. As always there was the break-dish side event. The pot this week after sales reached a massive £900!!! Once again Total9Ball were extremely pleased to have new players at this event competing for the first time. A warm welcome to Gareth Pugh, GJ, Marlowe Malicdem and Roderick. We hope you enjoyed your first event. It’s always hard to assign a handicap for new players but now we have to results to go on we can make adjustments accordingly to make sure it's correct for next time.

The first seven matches kicked off just after 10.30am. All matches were played as a race to 7 racks using alternate breaks with the handicaps added on top (handicaps at this event ranged from +4 to -3). The very first match drawn was a cracker on paper and by result Brian Cassidy took on Tom Staveley in a fixture that could of just as easily been the Final rather than the first round. These two class players ranked 2nd and 4th respectively battled hard for the result but it was Cassidy who managed to win the all crucial hill-hill final rack. End result Brian Cassidy 7v6 Tom Staveley. Mark Williams results of late have been improving nicely along with his all round game, an impressive 7v1 victory against Rich Fulwell will do his confidence no harm either, T9B recently crowned Chris Seville as UK Champion (now off a -1 handicap) and he started this event well with a cool 7v2 victory over Wycombe based player Mark Newell. Graham Clegg won his first Total9ball match 7v5 against Ashik Nathwani, as a new player I’m sure Graham was very pleased with such a scalp. Friends collided as Alan Bell took on his travelling companion Bob Harris, Alan managed to get the better of Bob 7v5 on this occasion. We were pleased to have the support from the guys who organise the SMB events held monthly at Victoria Riley's. GJ’s event kicked off with an extremely tough challenge against Elliott Sanderson, GJ was defeated 7v2 but took it like a man and said ‘wow that was like playing Tony Drago on Speed’ not sure there was any need to throw your coffee over many players though GJ! haha!

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  OB Plus Shafts - A New Era Has Begun
Posted by admin
on Saturday, June 27 2015 @ 18:05:05 BST  (335 reads)

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View the full range of OB cues and accessories - click here NOW!

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  2015 PartyPoker World Pool Masters - Draw and Schedule Announced
Posted by admin
on Wednesday, June 24 2015 @ 08:10:44 BST  (605 reads)
9 Ball 2015 PartyPoker World Pool Masters
Victoria Warehouse Hotel
& Events
Trafford Road
M17 1AB
www.matchroompool.com - wpm - facebook - twitter - instagram
www.seetickets.com - tickets

Friday - Sunday 14-16 August 2015

Click the image to view the full size poster - use "back" to return here.

Draw and Schedule Announced

WITH THE 2015 PartyPoker World Pool Masters set for the iconic Victoria Warehouse from 14th to 16th August, the draw has been made and schedule set for what promises to be an unforgettable weekend of world-class pool.

Featuring 16 players from 14 nations, the field is headed up by defending champion and No.1 seed Shane Van Boening (USA) who gets his defence underway against the dangerous Canadian John Morra.

The second match on the Friday evening features 2013 champion Niels Feijen against the No.1 player on the South American rankings following their continental championships next month. The final Friday night match sees Mosconi Cup hero Karl Boyes face China’s World No. 6 Liu Haitao.

All seedings are based on the players’ current WPA World Rankings and the eighth seed, Waleed Majid of Qatar starts the Saturday afternoon session with a potential humdinger against Scotland’s Jayson Shaw, who makes his first UK appearance in the Masters.

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  McDermott Cues - Stinger Jump/Break Cues
Posted by admin
on Tuesday, June 23 2015 @ 21:59:17 BST  (347 reads)

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Click here to view the full McDermott Cues catalogue

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  2015 Longoni Benelux Open - 7th Edition
Posted by admin
on Sunday, June 21 2015 @ 06:49:56 BST  (270 reads)

Click the picture to view the full size image (use "back" to return here)
View the Longoni Benelux Open on Facebook - click here NOW!

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  T9B U.K. Amateur 10-Ball Championship 2015
Posted by admin
on Tuesday, June 16 2015 @ 01:20:24 BST  (505 reads)
Total 9 Ball Total 9 Ball - The U.K. Amateur 10-Ball Championship - 2015
The St Albans Hurricane Room
Unit 8 Verulam Industrial Estate
224 London Road
St Albans
www.total9ball.com - rankings

Sunday 15 June 2015

Click the image to view the large photograph - use "back" to return here.

Seville Conquers T9B UK 10 Ball Championships 2015

Sunday 14th June was the date selected for this year’s T9B UK Championships. This event has been run annually for the last three years and this year’s event was held at High Wycombe Hurricane Room. Previous winners of the T9B UK 10Ball Championships are Mark Gray 2013 and Courtney Symons 2014 but who would be victorious in this prestigious event this year?

Total9Ball received a total of 42 entries for this prestigious event, travelling from all over the country to compete. T9B were delighted to see so many players wanted the title of UK 10Ball Champion, therefore the format was changed to allow more than the usual 32 players to compete. T9B opted for a one round double elimination format followed by a last 32 knockout stage. This guaranteed all players would be involved in a minimum of two matches. This was the first time Total9Ball have tired this format with an increased field of players and as expected there were a few teething problems but T9B have learnt a lot from this event and we now feel we can make everything run a lot better next time around which is very exciting as it means we can accept more players to each event next season which will substantially improve the prize fund and the wow factor of winning an event.

T9B are not only gaining more and more regular players but also constantly gaining the support from new players. At this event we welcomed six new players - Dean Selvey, GJ Oyangoren, Jan Ibrahim, Jimmy Walsh, Satyan Vadher and Shady K Eddin. We thank you for your support, we also hope you enjoyed your first T9B experience and look forward to seeing you all again at future events.

Thanks to Dynamic Billard for sponsoring this event.

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  2015 PartyPoker Mosconi Cup - Latest Euro Mosconi Rankings
Posted by admin
on Wednesday, June 10 2015 @ 09:43:43 BST  (696 reads)
Mosconi Cup 2015 PartyPoker Mosconi Cup
The New Tropicana Las Vegas
3801 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas
NV 89109
www.matchroompool.com - facebook - twitter - youtube
www.troplv.com - buy tickets here
www.ultimateteamgear.com - buy team shirts here

Monday-Thursday 7-10 December 2015

Click the image to view the larger picture - use "back" to return here.

Makkonen makes a move

FINLAND’S PETRI MAKKONEN landed his maiden Euro Tour title in Germany at the weekend and as he crashed the European Mosconi Cup rankings and put himself in the frame for a December trip to Las Vegas. The 27 year-old Finn came through a stellar field at Baunatal and defeated Konrad Juszczyszyn of Poland in the championship match to claim the 20 ranking points.

The win put Makkonen into second place on the Euro Tour ranking list, three points behind Niels Feijen. He also moved into third position on the Combined ranking list, a single point behind joint leaders Marcus Chamat and David Alcaide.

There are three separate ranking lists in operation – the first comprised of a five event Euro Tour series; the second a four event ‘World’ series and the last a combined ranking of the two.

Makkonen has been making steady progress and was a winner of the 2012 World Cup of Pool with compatriot Mika Immonen. The same pairing won bronze medals at last year’s event in the UK.

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  2015 World Cup of Pool Announced
Posted by admin
on Monday, June 08 2015 @ 09:36:25 BST  (779 reads)
World Cup Of Pool 2015 World Cup of Pool
York Hall Leisure Centre
5-15 Old Ford Road
Bethnal Green
E2 9PJ
Tel: 020 8980 2243
www.matchroompool.com - World Cup of Pool - Facebook

Tuesday-Sunday 22-27 September 2015

2014 WCOP Champions - Team England A - Darren Appleton & Karl Boyes
Click the image to view the full size photograph - use "back" to return here.

World Cup of Pool returning to London

The annual World Cup of Pool returns to London as the iconic York Hall once again plays host to the prestigious pairs event from 22nd to 27th September. The East London venue has a rich pool history having staged the Mosconi Cup on eight occasions as well as the World Cup in 2013.

Now in its tenth year, the World Cup of Pool features 32 two-player teams from around the world battling it out for a $250,000 prize fund. The defending champions are England – Darren Appleton and Karl Boyes – who sealed the title in a classic battle against Holland in Portsmouth last year.

The event is stacked with some of the greatest players in the world, and there is a host of nations in contention to lift the coveted title, including two sides from the host nation.

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