The Pocket Lathe System

The Pocket Lathe System
An ultra-portable cue tipping lathe for American size pool cues

All serious pool players need to maintain a perfect shaped cue tip:

• Because you expect your cue tip to do its work perfectly every time.
• To precisely control the spin & deflection when contacting the cue ball.
• To eliminate variation from shot to shot.
• To help the cue tip accept chalk consistently and eliminate miscues.
• Keeping your tip in perfect shape is the simplest effective way to improve your game.

More About The Pocket Lathe System:

• Your expensive custom cue tip lasts longer when using the Pocket Lathe since there is less tip loss when shaping directly to the Perfect Nickel or Perfect Dime with a Quick Tip Shaper.
• Because your investment in years of practice and $$$ spent for your perfect cue stick can be undone by the smallest of things like an improperly shaped tip.
• You can check the straightness of your cue or shaft at any time by rotating it on the Pocket Lathe System rollers.


price: £24.99