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  Dynamic Billard Treviso Open - Down to the Last 16 in Italy
Posted by admin
on Thursday, November 23 2023 @ 14:47:03 UTC  (250 reads)
EuroTour Dynamic Billard Treviso Open 2023
Presented by BHR Treviso Hotel & 5M Games

Best Western Premium BHR Treviso Hotel
S.R. 53 Via Postumia Castellana 2
31055 Quinto di Treviso
Italy - facebook - live stream

Friday 24 - Monday 27 November 2023

Mieszko Fortunski - Poland
Click the image to view the full size photograph - use "back" to return here.

Dynamic Billard Treviso Open - Down to the Last 16 in Italy

Reporter: Luke Riches on behalf of the EPBF
Photography: ©EPBF

WE’RE DOWN TO the final 16 in Italy as day three of the 2023 DYNAMIC BILLARD Treviso Open completed with some terrific matches. After multiples rounds of play, Germany are the most represented nation left in the competition with six players followed by Poland with five and one each from Hungary, Bosnia Herzegovina, Finland, Ukraine and Czech Republic.

The No.1 ranked player, Mieszko Fortunski, is still standing after a hard-fought 9-8 win over compatriot Wojciech Szewczyk. Fortunski can’t be now caught and will finish the year as top dog on tour. There were ten Polish players in the last 32 and that has reduced down to five in the round of 16.

Fortunski said, “That was a really tough match. I was 7-4 down and he played perfect. But I just kept focus on the game and did everything I could to win it. I like to play here in Treviso; I’ve won a Euro Tour here as well as a European Championship gold and I like the atmosphere.

“All the players from Poland practice a lot together. We play a lot of tournaments with each other and a lot of our players are at that very high level. I’m trying not to focus on my position of No.1. Of course, it’s really important for me but I want to just focus on the matches. I’ve got Radoslaw Babica tomorrow and that’s all I’ll be thinking about.”

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  Rack 'Em Up: The Best Snooker-Themed Casino Games
Posted by admin
on Tuesday, October 31 2023 @ 12:31:31 UTC  (423 reads)

Rack 'Em Up: The Best Snooker-Themed Casino Games

Casino gaming has always been a realm of diverse choices, with themes ranging from ancient civilizations to futuristic fantasies. But what about the quieter, more refined world of snooker? Snooker, a cue sport that requires precision and strategic thinking, might not be the first theme that comes to mind when thinking of casino games. However, the marriage of snooker and casino gaming has given birth to some unique and engaging experiences that cater to enthusiasts of both worlds. In this article, we'll explore the best snooker-themed casino games that offer a fusion of skill, strategy, and chance. Feel free to then go and play these exciting casino games at one of the many casinos listed at

1. Snooker Slot Machines

Slot machines have long been a casino staple, offering players a chance to win big with minimal effort. However, snooker-themed slot machines add a layer of strategy to this game of chance. These slots typically feature snooker balls as symbols, and players must line them up like they would in a real snooker game to win. It's a fun and engaging way to combine the excitement of slots with the precision of snooker.

2. Snooker Bingo

Bingo is a social casino game that has been enjoyed for generations. In the world of snooker-themed casino games, Snooker Bingo offers a unique twist. Instead of traditional bingo numbers, the game uses snooker ball numbers. Players mark off the balls on their cards as they're drawn from the "rack," similar to how they're potted in a snooker match.

This game not only adds a snooker-themed twist to a classic but also brings an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the bingo experience. As players watch the snooker balls being drawn, they'll feel the tension of a real snooker match, making Snooker Bingo a must-try for snooker enthusiasts.

3. Snooker Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are another popular casino game, known for their simplicity and instant wins. Snooker-themed scratch cards bring the thrill of snooker to this quick and easy format. Players can "scratch off" the snooker balls on the card to reveal whether they've won a prize. The art on the scratch cards often features snooker cues, tables, and, of course, the snooker balls.

The combination of snooker imagery and the anticipation of uncovering winning combinations makes snooker scratch cards an enjoyable diversion for fans of both snooker and casino games.

4. Snooker Blackjack

Blackjack is a classic card game that relies on both strategy and luck. The snooker-themed version, Snooker Blackjack, takes the traditional game and adds an element of snooker skill. In this variation, players can place bets on whether they'll be able to pot a specific snooker ball during their hand. The odds are adjusted based on the difficulty of the shot.

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  Hanoi Open Pool Championship - Day 6
Posted by admin
on Sunday, October 15 2023 @ 12:44:23 UTC  (760 reads)
9 Ball Hanoi Open Pool Championship
Hanoi Indoor Games Gymnasium
Phố Trần Hữu Dực
Cầu Diễn
Nam Từ Liêm
Hà Nội
Vietnam - facebook - twitter - youtube - instagram - tiktok - matches/live scoring - brackets - table 1 - table 2

Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 15 October 2023

Click the image to view the full size poster - use "back" to return here.


Back winning the biggest prizes at the very top of the game.

Your WINNER of the inaugural Hanoi Open Pool Championship.... JAYSON SHAW

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  Jayson Shaw Wins Blockbuster Against Fedor Gorst As Final Four Confirmed
Posted by admin
on Sunday, October 15 2023 @ 07:40:13 UTC  (942 reads)
9 Ball Hanoi Open Pool Championship
Hanoi Indoor Games Gymnasium
Phố Trần Hữu Dực
Cầu Diễn
Nam Từ Liêm
Hà Nội
Vietnam - facebook - twitter - youtube - instagram - tiktok - matches/live scoring - brackets - table 1 - table 2

Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 15 October 2023

Click the image to view the full size poster - use "back" to return here.


Jayson Shaw booked his place in the Hanoi Open Pool Championship final – live on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom & Ireland and exclusively across Asia through Vietcontent, after controversially overcoming Fedor Gorst in-front of a packed-out Hanoi Indoor Games Gymnasium.

Having overcoming World Pool Master Ko Pin Yi in the first last 16 tie, fans across the world were licking their lips in anticipation of Team USA’s most recent Mosconi Cup addition Fedor Gorst taking on Eagle Eye Jayson Shaw, following a string of social media confrontations between the pair.

Tied up halfway between the affair at five-each, the crowd roared both players on as Shaw took control and dictated the affair to take a four-rack lead onto the hill. Gorst however, one of the most in-form players on the planet after victory at the Peri Open, would respond with a string of break and runs to move to 9-8.

At the table, with a chance of levelling up at hill-hill, the ‘Ghost’ missed the seven ball and conceded the match, sparking elation from Shaw – reaching his first Matchroom major semi-final since his run to winning the 2017 US Open Pool Championship.

Sanjin Pehlivanovic awaits the Scotsman in the semi-finals, after a dominant victories over Peri Open runner-up Michael Feliciano and WNT #1 and World Champion Francisco Sanchez Ruiz.

Mathematically, Shaw’s win against Gorst means the Bosnian cannot automatically qualify for the Mosconi Cup, but a maiden Matchroom major title win under the watchful eye of Team Europe’s captain Ralph Eckert would put the 22-year-old firmly in wildcard contention.

Albin Ouschan however can sensationally still qualify for the trans-Atlantic feature, having overturned a run of poor form throughout 2023 with a comfortable 10-3 victory over David Alcaide to reach the final four for the first time this year. Having landed at least one Major title in every season since 2015, Ouschan’s clinical edge and experience at the very top of the game will hope to help him through to the final.

Standing in the Austrian’s way is US Open Pool Championship Ko Ping Chung, arguably the most in-form player on the planet after his remarkable run in Atlantic City has continued in Hanoi. The Chinese Taipei star however relied on good fortune to overcome 20-year-old Filipino sensation Kyle Amoroto – who enjoyed a fairytale campaign in reaching his furthest-stage at a Matchroom multi-table event.

The pinoy prodigy had built up an 8-3 lead and confidence was building as he continued to find his break. In fighting back, a dry break from Ko had Amoroto at the table for a routine clean up – but a shock miss on the 9-ball let the US Open champion take the next seven racks and seal a spot in the semi-finals.

Action begins at 12pm from the Hanoi Indoor Games Gymnasium for the semi-finals stages for the Hanoi Open Pool Championship, alongside a hotly anticipated Hanoi Junior Open final between Chinese Taipei’s Liao Hung-Yen and Filipino.

Hanoi Open Semi-Finals

Jayson Shaw v Sanjin Pehlivanovic
Ko Ping Chung v Albin Ouschan

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  Ko Ping Chung Delights As Hanoi Open Quarter-finals Confirmed
Posted by admin
on Saturday, October 14 2023 @ 09:26:26 UTC  (546 reads)
9 Ball Hanoi Open Pool Championship
Hanoi Indoor Games Gymnasium
Phố Trần Hữu Dực
Cầu Diễn
Nam Từ Liêm
Hà Nội
Vietnam - facebook - twitter - youtube - instagram - tiktok - matches/live scoring - brackets - table 1 - table 2

Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 15 October 2023

Click the image to view the full size poster - use "back" to return here.


US Open Pool Championship winner Ko Ping Chung sensationally reached the quarter-finals of the Hanoi Open – live on Sky Sports in the UK & Ireland and Vietcontent exclusively in Asia – after a thrilling hill-hill trilogy fight with Max Lechner.

Ko, whose memorable streak of matches continued with the Austrian – the most recent of which a victory over the Austrian en-route to winning the 46th US Open in Atlantic City, New Jersey last month – had the Hanoi crowd on their feet after a remarkable recovery. Having traded blows throughout the contest, ‘Mad’ Max looked to take the win on the hill. A mix-up in shots set-up an unlikely kick-bank 1-9 combo and the audience roared in appreciation.

At hill-hill, a 3-9 combo into the bottom right pocket saw the Chinese Taipei’s star into another WNT major quarter-final. “So lucky” he exclaimed afterwards, but there is a reason he’s sitting second on the WNT 1 year list.

In the first feature match of the day, brother Pin Yi and Fedor Gorst collided on the main table – a showcase of two of the most popular players on the World Nineball Tour. Since arriving in Vietnam, the fans have taken Gorst into their hearts, having landed the Peri Open Pool Championship last week. Team USA’s latest Mosconi addition rewarded their loyalty with a clinic over the World Pool Masters champion.

As one of the poster boys of Asian pool, Ko Pin Yi drew a crowd with Gorst, who opened the day following a traditional drum performance in the opening ceremony. It was the ‘Ghost’ who drew the energetic performance into his game, securing passage to the last eight after a 10-4 victory.

It is there that he will meet Jayson Shaw, in one of the most hotly-anticipated fixtures in Pool. Having defeated Jan Van Lierop in the last 16, Shaw couldn’t hide his delight at the prospect of facing the 23-year-old – who have been locked in a war of worlds all week across social media.

World Champion Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, who has been recovering from a surgery from before the US Open, met a buoyant Sanjin Pehlivanovic on table one. The Bosnian, having beaten Aleksa Pecelj and Naoyuki Oi, could make a late run for Mosconi Cup contention having beaten the WNT #1 10-5.

20-year-old Filipino sensation Kyle Amoroto announced himself onto the world stage earlier in the week in beating Shane Van Boening, following up with a 10-5 win over US Open finalist Aloysius Yapp to set-up a tasty encounter with Ko Ping Chung.

Sharks International Open and Peri Open finalist Michael Feliciano is the other quarter-finalist representing the Philippines, having beaten Brunei’s Ahmad Taufiq – after a magnificent debut week to remember at a Matchroom major event.

European Open champion David Alcaide was the victor over the third Filipino in the last 1, with Lee Van Corteza bowing out to Team Europe’s Mosconi Cup star.

Albin Ouschan is the other European still in contention against Shaw and Pehlivanovic, who has overturned his 2023 form to reach the final eight after a 10-6 win over Greece’s Alex Kazakis.

Hanoi Open Quarter-Finals

Fedor Gorst v Jayson Shaw
Sanjin Pehlivanovic v Michael Feliciano
David Alcaide v Albin Ouschan
Ko Ping Chung v Kyle Amoroto

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  Superb Filler Grabs Yet Another ET Crown
Posted by admin
on Saturday, October 14 2023 @ 08:13:35 UTC  (594 reads)
EuroTour Dynamic Billiard Laško Open
Presented By Hotel Thermana Park Laško

Hotel Thermana Park Laško
Tri Lilije Sports Hall
Zdraviliška cesta 6
3270 Laško
Slovenia - facebook - live stream

Thursday-Saturday 12-14 October 2023

Joshua Filler - Germany
Click the image to view the full size photograph - use "back" to return here.

Superb Filler Grabs Yet Another ET Crown

Reporter: Luke Riches on behalf of the EPBF
Photography: ©EPBF

JOSHUA FILLER IS the Dynamic Billard Lasko Open champion as he hammered Oliver Szolnoki 9-1 to claim his fourth Euro Tour win in four starts as well as seventh career ET title. The 26-year-old German star had been feeling decidedly under the weather throughout the tournament but his unrelenting pursuit of victory and sublime shot-making skills were no match for the out-of-sorts Hungarian.

Commented a delighted Filler, “The way I played today was just unbelievable I must say! I think compared to the other events I've won, I don't think my break was as good but my overall play, what with the jump shots and tactical parts, I just took advantage of them and the will to win is always there. It doesn't matter how bad I feel, I always want to win and I think this always makes me dangerous.”

Szolnoki had struggled with his break throughout the day and never quite got to grips with the table speed and against a player of Filler’s rampant talent, it was a handicap too big to overcome.

Filler got things underway as he ran out to take the opener. Szolnoki ran out of position travelling from the 5 to the 6-ball and his safety shot didn't work out as anticipated. Filler though made a positional error from 6 to 7 but saved himself with a short jump over the 9-ball and it was soon 2-0.

Filler made a couple of positional errors in the third game but his matchless shot-making abilities saw him over the line, as he moved into an ominous 3-0 lead. The Hungarian put his breaking woes behind him in the fourth but he too lost position and found himself blocked out on the 4-ball. An attempted kick failed to drop and left it on for Filler who took full advantage as he ran the table to increase his lead.

Oliver Szolnoki - Hungary
Click the image to view the full size photograph - use "back" to return here.

Szolnoki got back to the table after Filler's break shot but he missed a tight cut on the 2-ball. Filler then played a great safety and Szolnoki's escape left the 2-ball in a potting position. The German made it and dished up for a 5-0 lead.

A dry and illegal break from Oliver was the last thing he needed and he was put back in by Filler. They both had visits to a messy table but it was Szolnoki who wilted first, missing the 1 ball to give Filler the opportunity to run out. He ran short on the 9-ball but a tidy bank shot into the corner pocket made it 6-0.

Again, there were more safeties after Filler's break and again, it was Szolnoki who left the chance on. Filler's 3/4 carom set him on a path to a run out and take his lead to seven. Another fruitless break from Szolnoki allowed Filler to lock him up but it was an easy escape. Filler though, came with an outstanding low jump to cut the 1-ball into the top right pocket. Not hanging about, he whizzed through the table to take himself to the hill.

An illegal break threw Oliver a life-line and he got himself on the score sheet albeit with an Everest-sized mountain ahead of him to climb. A dry break came from Szolnoki, but with nothing to his advantage, Filler elected the push-out.

He was put back in and came once again with a superbly creative shot to pocket the 1-ball. They swapped safeties on the 2-ball before the German maestro slammed a bank shot into the centre pocket. The 4-ball ran safe following a carom and Filler's safety left it in the open for Szolnoki to pot. They both missed on the 5-ball as the rack became scrappy. A miss on the 6-ball by Szolnoki was the final nail in his coffin and Filler let out a 'Yes!' as he sealed yet another Euro Tour title. 7th title

Filler added, “When I'm at the table I want to win as big as I can. I know in alternate break format I'm not supposed to win nine-nothing against a player of Oliver's calibre who it's always going to be a tough fight against. But when I was 8-0 up, I didn’t want to give him a chance because funny things can still happen. In the end though, I made a nice bank shot in the last, took the win and I'm just over the moon. Four times in a row is just unbelievable, it's a milestone, and I can't wait for the fifth one.”

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  Team Europe’s Mosconi Cup Hopefuls Bow Out As Jayson Shaw Closes In
Posted by admin
on Friday, October 13 2023 @ 11:50:15 UTC  (1379 reads)
9 Ball Hanoi Open Pool Championship
Hanoi Indoor Games Gymnasium
Phố Trần Hữu Dực
Cầu Diễn
Nam Từ Liêm
Hà Nội
Vietnam - facebook - twitter - youtube - instagram - tiktok - matches/live scoring - brackets - table 1 - table 2

Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 15 October 2023

Click the image to view the full size poster - use "back" to return here.


Jayson Shaw booked his place in the last 16 of the Hanoi Open Pool Championship – live exclusively in Asia on Vietcontent – to boost his hopes of Mosconi Cup automatic qualification.

The Scottish shooter defeated the Philippines’ World Cup of Pool champion Johann Chua 10-6 to reach the last 16, and is the highest-standing current European in contention for the Mosconi Cup.

Eagle Eye will can confirm his place with either a semi-finals or finals appearance, with Albin Ouschan, Max Lechner and Sanjin Pehlivanovic all still in contention – though dependent on results.

Mario He, Aleksa Pecelj and Moritz Neuhausen all suffered huge blows in their hopes of qualifying with defeats on Friday. He, who has been putting his name in contention over the past few seasons, looked distraught after defeat to Italy’s Francesco Candela. Connecticut Open winner Moritz Neuhausen, enjoying his best career calendar year to date after reaching the World Cup of Pool final with Joshua Filler for Germany, was beaten by another Mosconi Cup hopeful in America’s Shane Wolford.

The draw was tough to Pecelj, matching him with best friend Pehlivanovic. In a tense affair, it was the Bosnian who prevailed, seemingly dashing the Mosconi dreams of his touring partner. All three will be hoping they’d caught the eye of Team Europe captain Ralph Eckert, who has been in attendance of all three of the last Matchroom majors, in hopes of securing a Wildcard Captain’s pick.

The Philippines entered the last 64 with 17 players flying the flag for the Pinoys, but only three were able to survive to the last 16. Young sensation Kyle Amoroto – who achieved a career-highlight win over Shane Van Boening on Thursday, Lee Van Corteza and Peri Open finalist Michael Feliciano will all be hoping of taking the title back home across the South China Sea.

Friday’s action was wrapped up with a blockbuster between two former world champions, with Van Boening taking on Albin Ouschan. The American held a 7-2 lead and looked in control of the race to 10, before Ouschan was able to mount a comeback with eight of the next nine racks. SVB was at the table and looking to run out to make it hill-hill, but scratching on the seven ball allowed the Austrian to advance to the final stages.


TV Table – Fedor Gorst (USA) vs Ko Pin Yi (TPE)
T1 – Francisco Sanchez Ruiz (ESP) vs Sanjin Pehlivanovic (BIH)
T2 – Michael Feliciano (PHI) vs Ahmad Taufiq (BRU)

TV – Ko Ping Chung (TPE) vs Max Lechner (AUT)
T1 – Aloysius Yapp (SIN) vs Kyle Amoroto (PHI)
T2 – Jayson Shaw (GBR) vs Jan Van Lierop (NED)

T1 – Albin Ouschan (AUT) vs Alexander Kazakis (GRE)
T2 – David Alcaide (ESP) vs Lee Vann Corteza (PHI)

The full draw and knockout bracket is available here.

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  64 Remain As Heat Turned Up In Hanoi
Posted by admin
on Thursday, October 12 2023 @ 08:36:56 UTC  (477 reads)
9 Ball Hanoi Open Pool Championship
Hanoi Indoor Games Gymnasium
Phố Trần Hữu Dực
Cầu Diễn
Nam Từ Liêm
Hà Nội
Vietnam - facebook - twitter - youtube - instagram - tiktok - matches/live scoring - brackets - table 1 - table 2

Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 15 October 2023

Click the image to view the full size poster - use "back" to return here.


World Champion Francisco Sanchez Ruiz will face 2017 World Champion Carlo Biado - live exclusively on Vietcontent in Asia - as the draw for the last 64 has been made in the Hanoi Open Pool Championship.

The World Nineball Tour is always action-packed, shown none more so than day three at the Hanoi Open Pool Championship. Local hero Do Khai delighted the crowd in Table 2’s opening match – live on Matchroom Multi Sport’s YouTube. The eccentric entertainer’s showmanship catching the eye of the adoring fans, despite a loss to Spaniard Marcos Sanz Martin.

Vietnam will have a number of players featuring in the last 64, led by poster boy Nguyen Anh Tuan after a big victory over European Open champion and recent addition to Team Europe’s Mosconi Cup roster David Alcaide. Anh Tuan, who represented Vietnam in this summer’s World Cup of Pool, will feature in an exhibition match on Saturday evening – live on Matchroom Multi Sport’s YouTube – against the greatest of all time, Efren Reyes.

The last 64 will feature four Brits, with Chris Melling taking out Team USA’s Mosconi Cup hopeful Billy Thorpe through loser’s qualification. Eagle Eye Jayson Shaw enjoyed a quarter-finals run at the US Open, and has continued his strong form in Vietnam with a comprehensive 9-3 win over Jeff De Luna. Shaw’s World Cup of Pool partner Elliott Sanderson came through an all-British hill-hill affair with World Snooker Tour star Gary Wilson. Imran Majid defeated 2001 World 9-ball Champion Mika Immonen.

Shane Van Boening will be looking to secure his spot in Team USA’s Mosconi Cup roster this week, but was put through his paces by part of a strong Filipino contingent representing in Hanoi. 20-year-old sensation Kyle Amoroto sent the five-time US Open champion into the loser’s bracket after SVB scratched at hill-hill. It was then the turn of the more experienced Marvin Asis to mount an attack at the South Dakota Kid, again taking him the distance – but this time SVB made no mistake.

Anton Raga, who arrived on the world scene in reaching the European Open Pool Championship final, sensationally won eight consecutive racks to overturn Billy Thorpe on the hill. The Philippines’ World Cup champions James Aranas and Johann Chua will also return on Friday.

Carlo Biado and Ko Ping Chung – both sent to the loser’s side following first round defeats – battled their way through the day. The last time Ko came through that side of the draw, he would go on to win the US Open Pool Championship in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Spain will be represented by a team of four, with all members of their host World Cup of Pool members advancing to the last 64 – WNT #1 Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, European Open champion David Alcaide, Jonas Souto Comino and Jose Alberto Delgado.

Last 64 Draw Highlights
• Francisco Sanchez Ruiz v Carlo Biado
• Aleksa Pecelj v Sanjin Pehlivanovic
• Jeff De Luna v Nguyen Anh Tuan
• Anton Raga v Ralf Souquet
• Jayson Shaw v Bui Truong An
• Fedor Gorst v Kuo Po Cheng
• Niels Feijen v Tyler Styer
• Roland Garcia v Lee Vann Corteza
• Bernie Regalario v Luong Duc Thien
• Albin Ouschan v Chris Melling

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  PBS to Pay $500,000 In Prize Money In Puerto Rico
Posted by admin
on Tuesday, October 10 2023 @ 08:51:05 UTC  (595 reads)
WPA World Teams Championship
Medalla Light Puerto Rico Men’s Open
Medalla Light Puerto Rico Women’s Open

Puerto Rico Convention Center
100 Convention Blvd
San Juan
Puerto Rico - facebook - twitter - instagram - youtube - tiktok

Tuesday - Sunday 7-12 November 2023

Click the image to view the full size poster (use "back" to return here).


Puerto Rico Billiards Expo returns in November with huge payouts at pro events

Reporter: Predator Group
Photography: Predator Group

The Predator Pro Billiard Series will pay a total of half a million dollars in prize money across its three professional events at the Puerto Rico Billiards Expo, set for November 7-12 in San Juan.

The 16-team WPA World Teams Championship has more than doubled its prize fund to $300,000 ahead of its first playing in the Caribbean. In addition, the 128-player Medalla Light Puerto Rico Men’s Open has a $125,000 prize fund ($74,440 added) and the Medalla Light Puerto Rico Women’s Open will have 64 players and a prize fund of $75,000 ($49,720 added).

The winning team of the WPA World Teams Championship will earn $120,000. The winner of the Men’s Medalla Light Puerto Rico Open will win $37,500 and the Women’s champion will receive $22,500.

The three pro events take place alongside the CSI Leagues Caribbean Championship at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan as the event returns for a second time, on the back of the huge success of its inaugural staging in 2022.

More than 60 billiard tables will house more than 1,500 professional and league players from nearly 50 countries. That is an increase on the impressive number of 1,000 players and over 8,500 fans who attended the 2022 event.

After just one year the event has already become one of the most anticipated in billiards, after players, fans, exhibitors, and officials all commented on how much they enjoyed the 2022 Expo for its staging and the local support received, which created a party atmosphere inside the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

Last year’s Expo was also a huge success for Puerto Rico, achieving 3,250 hotel nights booked in one week and an economic impact of four million dollars for the island.

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  Fedor Gorst & David Alcaide Qualify For 30th Anniversary Mosconi Cup
Posted by admin
on Monday, October 09 2023 @ 12:36:18 UTC  (338 reads)
Mosconi Cup 2023 Mosconi Cup
Alexandra Palace
Alexandra Palace Way
Greater London
N22 7AY - facebook - twitter - youtube - instagram - tiktok

Wednesday - Saturday 6 - 9 December 2023

Click the image to view the full size image - use "back" to return here.


In a historic moment for Nineball, Fedor Gorst – who was positioned at No.2 in the Team Europe qualification rankings – will now represent the United States at this year’s landmark event in London, England.

Fedor’s acquisition for Team USA comes as a result of the 23-year-old's recently granted permanent residency in the United States, marking a significant and exciting moment in the storied history of the Mosconi Cup. Gorst qualified for December’s showpiece at Alexandra Palace following his runners-up finish, collecting $25,000 WNT ranking points at the US Open Pool Championship in Atlantic City. His representation of the United States in the Mosconi Cup signals an exciting new chapter in his burgeoning career where he will now represent USA across all World Nineball Tour events starting with the Hanoi Open Pool Championship this week.

As a result of Gorst’s change in country representation, European Open champion David Alcaide has taken the second qualification spot for Team Europe and will join fellow-Spaniard and World Cup of Pool partner Francisco Sanchez Ruiz as part of Ralph Eckert’s roster.

Alcaide will compete in his third consecutive Mosconi Cup, and fifth overall, having a 75% success-record in the trans-Atlantic feature.

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