Predator AeroRack

Predator AeroRack
Out Rack The Competition

Introducing the Predator Aerorack. Each triangle is precision machined and marked with guides for easier alignment with consistently tight racks. The opening allows for a snug, gap-free, and secure position for the balls while leaving enough space to remove the rack without any disturbance. The Aerorack’s modern look will have you racking in style while setting you up for more successful breaks.

• Glare Free Matte Finish on Top and Gloss Finish Underneath
• Triangle and Center Line Marking Guides
• Predator Logo and Easy Indication of the Bottom Side
• Precision Opening for Consistent Ball Allowance
• Hard Acrylic Material Eliminates Rack Flexing
• No Susceptibility to Weather Conditions
• One Piece Rack Shape for Tight Tolerances
• No Loosening Over Time
• Elevated Triangle on Top of Sleek Chrome Pillars
• Easier Lifting and Removal
• Available in Black or White Options
• Official Rack of the Pro Billiard Series
• Official Rack of Predator World 10-Ball Championship

price: £109.00

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