Predator ARCOS Cue Ball

Predator Arcos II Reserve Replacement Cue Ball

The Predator target triangle pool cue ball gives you sharper aiming points on the cue ball to help you aim more precisely. It also gives you a better idea of the amount of spin that is on the cue ball after impact.

After revolutionizing pool cues, Predator is teaming up with legendary ball maker Aramith to unleash an all-new set of highly accurate and durable billiard balls. Our goal, as always, is to help you elevate your play and enjoyment of the game. By applying the signature Predator style to Aramith’s flawless technology and production we’ve created a set of pool balls like no other.

The Arcos II delivers devastating performance with knockout good looks, including a high shine contemporary finish, exclusive, modern colors optimized for video and our custom triangle inlays that aid in targeting. They’re not just pretty features, they’re functional advantages that enhance visibility on the table and on camera – so you can shoot straight and look great doing it.

The homogenous density dispersion and true center of gravity in every Arcos II helps deliver a killer combination of durability, roundness and balance that maintains consistency over time. That means:


2 1/4" 57.0mm - 9 Ball (US Pool)

price: £57.99