Predator Arcos II Balls

Predator Arcos II Balls

After revolutionizing pool cues, Predator is unleashing an all-new wickedly accurate and highly durable billiard ball. The Arcos II features our own highly guarded, secret twist on the original phenolic formula John Wesley Hyatt first introduced to billiard balls way back in 1865. Our goal, as always, is to help you elevate your play by applying the highest standards of performance and technology to the tools of the game. The Arcos II delivers devastating performance with knockout good looks, including a high shine contemporary finish, exclusive, modern colors and our signature triangle inlays that aid in targeting. They’re not just pretty features, they’re functional ones too that enhance visibility on the table and on camera – so you can shoot straight and look great doing it.

• More Accurate
• More Durable
• More Consistent
• Higher percentage of phenolic resin
• Unique cue ball with distinctive targeting triangles
• Vibrant colors optimized for video.

More Accurate
Arcos II balls are designed to be the most accurate balls possible, thanks to the killer combination of durability, roundness and balance in each ball.

More Responsive
The consistency and higher phenolic composition of the Arcos II’s delivers a more efficient energy transfer between the cue and the balls, and reduces the static electricity between ball and table. That means more control, less out-of-control kicks and smoother, faster play. Rack and roll the Predator way!

More Consistent
Every set of Arcos II Balls is meticulously inspected by hand and tested for consistency throughout production. We believe better performance requires better balls – and that’s exactly what you’re getting with Arcos II.

Longer Lasting
Phenolic resin balls last 5X longer than balls made of polymers or polyester. So, we created the Arcos II to contain an EVEN HIGHER PERCENTAGE of phenolic resin than any other ball, and cure them multiple times over a longer period of time to produce harder, more durable balls. Even our cue ball has a higher phenolic resin composition, which creates a distinct sound on impact. That’s the sound of victory!



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