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The Pro9 Player Ratings are intended to give an insight into the playing level of players in the UK. Tournament Directors should find this especially useful for handicap events!
Whilst every effort has been made to make them as accurate as possible we cannot be held responsible for Sandbaggers, Hustlers, or players suddenly improving and forgetting to tell us!
Please help keep the list up to date by posting your tournament results in the forum.
For recommending rating changes & adding players to the list please consult the Pro9 forum where ratings will be advised by the UK Players!


Rating Name Location
12 Craig Osborne UK
12 Chris Melling UK
12 Darren Appleton UK
12 Daryl Peach Blackpool
12 Imran Majid London
12 Karl Boyes Blackpool
12 Mark Gray UK
12 Raj Hundal London
12 Tony Drago London
11 Allison Fisher US
11 Anthony Crosby US
11 James Kay UK
11 Jayson Shaw UK
11 Jonni Fulcher UK
11 Kevin Uzzell UK
11 Michael Valentine UK
11 Mick Hill UK
11 Phil Harrison UK
11 Richard Jones UK
11 Rico Diks London
11 Rob McKenna Cardiff
11 Scott Higgins UK
11 Tommy Donlon Leicester
10 Adam Benn Smith UK
10 Adam Clarke UK
10 Adam Shaw UK
10 Andrew Appleton UK
10 Andrew Morris UK
10 Andrew Worthington UK
10 Andy Barnett UK
10 Andy Nicholson UK
10 Andy Richardson Leeds
10 Anthony Ginn UK
10 Ben Finch UK
10 Ben Moore UK
10 Bradley Parker UK
10 Carl Morris UK
10 Chris Buckmaster UK
10 Chris Cowie UK
10 Chris Robson UK
10 Clark Smith UK
10 Courtney Symons UK
10 Craig Riley UK
10 Damian Massey Bournmouth
10 Damian Overton UK
10 Dave Nelson UK
10 David Jack UK
10 David Walsh UK
10 Fraser Patrick UK
10 Gary Bullocke Glastonbury
10 Geoff Dunn UK
10 Gordon Bain UK
10 Greg Alexander UK
10 Ian West UK
10 Jason Howard UK
10 Kevin Hew UK
10 Kevin Smith UK
10 Lee Chenman UK
10 Lee Tucker UK
10 Mathew Lawrenson UK
10 Matthew Ford UK
10 Neil Cummins UK
10 Nick Dyson UK
10 Paddy Mclaughlin UK
10 Pat Holtz UK
10 Paul Williams UK
10 Phil Burford UK
10 Richard Broumpton US
10 Shane Appleton UK
10 So Shaw UK
10 Stephen Capaldi UK
10 Stephen Folan UK
10 Steven Petty UK
10 Stewart Colclough UK
10 Tom Ford UK
9 Adam Lewis UK
9 Alan Coton UK
9 Alan Millership UK
9 Arfan Dad UK
9 Billy Edmond UK
9 Cameron Bowes UK
9 Chris Fraser UK
9 Chris Goh UK
9 Chris Stocker UK
9 Craig Dixon UK
9 Darren Murray UK
9 Dave Chalmers UK
9 Dave McCarthy UK
9 Dino Nair UK
9 Eric Docherty UK
9 Gareth Esprit UK
9 Gareth Steele UK
9 Gary Houstoun UK
9 George Fagan UK
9 Glenn Cooney UK
9 Ian Mackintosh UK
9 James Akenhead UK
9 James Carney UK
9 Jason Dunworth UK
9 Jay Trivedi UK
9 John Hall UK
9 Jon Davies Bristol
9 Jonathan Mathers UK
9 Kevin Brown UK
9 Kevin Simpson UK
9 Lee Brett UK
9 Lee Rigby Barnsley
9 Louis Clarke UK
9 Mark Hopgood UK
9 Martin Chapman Leeds
9 Martinho Correia UK
9 Matthew Hyden UK
9 Mike Rogers UK
9 Morray Dolan UK
9 Nigel Webb UK
9 Oly Bale UK
9 Philip Morgan UK
9 Phillip Wildman Reading
9 Ramesh Gokhul UK
9 Rob Jude UK
9 Scott Gillespie UK
9 Scott Ross UK
9 Simon Widlo UK
9 Steve Brown Doncaster
9 Steve Higton Manchester
9 Stewart McPhee UK
9 Tam Talent UK
9 Thomas Emes UK
9 Tony Burton UK
8 Abhay Rao UK
8 Adam Stevens UK
8 Adrian Cumiskey UK
8 Alan Brown UK
8 Alan Maxwell UK
8 Alec McDowall UK
8 Andy Esgrove UK
8 Andy Jeronimidis UK
8 Andy Lester UK
8 Andy Macdonald UK
8 Andy Warden UK
8 Anthony Osborne Bristol
8 Aslam Abubaker UK
8 Bartek Czapski UK
8 Bartek Skonecki UK
8 Benji Buckley UK
8 Calum Ranson UK
8 Caroline Walch UK
8 Chris Goode UK
8 Chris Parker UK
8 Chris Pringle UK
8 Christopher Timms UK
8 Chun Hao Man UK
8 Craig Blackstock UK
8 Craig Chiddy Bristol
8 Craig Sinclair UK
8 Craig Waddingham UK
8 Danny Luton Bristol
8 Darren Kirwan UK
8 Darren Saxby UK
8 Dave Bagg UK
8 Dave Simmonds UK
8 David Carter UK
8 David Hood UK
8 David Hopkin UK
8 David Tait UK
8 Daz Cooper UK
8 Dean Gamble Leicester
8 Dean Mazirel UK
8 Dean Reeve UK
8 Dominic Clemens UK
8 Dougie Skirving UK
8 Elio Naranjinha UK
8 Gary Anderson UK
8 Gary Stewart UK
8 Gary Thompson UK
8 Ian Skirving UK
8 Jack Triggs UK
8 James Clark UK
8 James Frith UK
8 James Leeson UK
8 James O'malley UK
8 James Taylor UK
8 James Welch UK
8 Jamie Yates UK
8 Jim Smith UK
8 John Beesley UK
8 Jon-Paul Murrow UK
8 Jonny Cooper UK
8 Julian Mills UK
8 Kalin Varbanov UK
8 Kevin Telegram UK
8 Lawrence Hinrichs UK
8 Lee Hersey Bristol
8 Liam Waterworth UK
8 Liam Wilson UK
8 Lloyd Matining UK
8 Louis Callaghan UK
8 Louis Nagayama UK
8 Luke Rollison UK
8 Lynette Horsburgh UK
8 Mal Clarke UK
8 Marc Johnson UK
8 Mark Elliott Bristol
8 Mark Hughes UK
8 Mark Morris UK
8 Mark Parker UK
8 Mark Singleton UK
8 Mark Stephenson UK
8 Martin Gawthrop UK
8 Matt Duffy UK
8 Matthew Andrews UK
8 Matthew Gleaves UK
8 Michael Brisley UK
8 Mick Gibney UK
8 Najjal Joshi UK
8 Naveed Hussain UK
8 Neil Craycraft UK
8 Neil Jenkins UK
8 Neil Margossian UK
8 Oliver Ruuger UK
8 Ollie Waters UK
8 Paul Edwards UK
8 Paul Elliott Bristol
8 Paul Kellet UK
8 Peter Barker UK
8 Peter King UK
8 Peter Smith UK
8 Phil Williamson UK
8 Richard Main UK
8 Robin Cripps UK
8 Roy Kimberley UK
8 Sam Corsby UK
8 Sam Thistlewhite UK
8 Scott Foley UK
8 Shaun Storry UK
8 Stefan Fisher UK
8 Steven Thompson UK
8 Stuart Daff UK
8 Stuart Mann UK
8 Temujin Dixon UK
8 Tim Foreman UK
8 Tony David UK
8 Tony Fry UK
8 Tony Southern UK
8 Will Scott UK
8 William Stott UK
7 Adam Collins UK
7 Ahmet Bozdemir UK
7 Alan Bell UK
7 Alan John UK
7 Alexander Kontaroudis UK
7 Allan Morgan UK
7 Andrew Marsdon UK
7 Andy Bingham UK
7 Andy Carter UK
7 Andy Cornish Bristol
7 Andy Dear UK
7 Andy Rispoli UK
7 Andy Rouse UK
7 Anthony Bannan UK
7 Anthony Illingworth UK
7 Ash Memon UK
7 Barry French UK
7 Ben Morall UK
7 Ben Patrick UK
7 Ben Phillips UK
7 Bernard Ross UK
7 Brett Armer UK
7 Brian Craig UK
7 Calvino Anderson UK
7 Cameron Dunlop UK
7 Carl Fitzsimon UK
7 Carl Gamble Leicester
7 Carl Smith UK
7 Carl Wadham UK
7 Chaz Roncari UK
7 Chris Brannan UK
7 Chris Hall UK
7 Chris Wilkinson UK
7 Colin Rennison UK
7 Colin Tucker Bristol
7 Craig Hirst UK
7 Dan Harvey UK
7 Dan Lim UK
7 Dan McCreadie UK
7 Dan Moore UK
7 Dan Smith UK
7 Danny Johnson UK
7 Danny Lott UK
7 Dave Clark UK
7 Dave Fox Bristol
7 Dave Hopkin UK
7 Dave Keown UK
7 David Charles UK
7 David Grant UK
7 David Hayman UK
7 David Henderson UK
7 David Langride UK
7 David Mackay UK
7 David Rajkumar UK
7 Dean Goddard UK
7 Dean Thompson UK
7 Dean Tsang Bristol
7 Derek Mayes UK
7 Derek Sim UK
7 Dharam Singh UK
7 Dinesh Patel UK
7 Dominic Gee UK
7 Douglas Archell UK
7 Douglas Isaac UK
7 Dylan Thomas UK
7 Elliot Sanderson UK
7 Emmanouil Spyridakis UK
7 Falsal Majid UK
7 Frank Tolliday UK
7 Garry David UK
7 Garry Jarman UK
7 Gary Bolton UK
7 Geoff Edge UK
7 Geoff Simpson UK
7 Geoff Windeatt UK
7 George Vetters UK
7 Graham Hickman UK
7 Greg Gamlin UK
7 Hugo Santos UK
7 Ian Crosby UK
7 Ian Plant UK
7 Jack Bloomfield UK
7 Jack Heath UK
7 James East UK
7 James Lawless UK
7 James Popplewell UK
7 James Shade UK
7 James Tully UK
7 James Wagg UK
7 Jamie Stewart UK
7 Jamie White UK
7 Jan Ibrahim UK
7 Jason Devanney UK
7 Joff Middleton UK
7 John O'Brien UK
7 John Rathbone UK
7 John Wade UK
7 Jon Butterworth UK
7 Jon Read UK
7 Joni Holden UK
7 Jonny Warrilow UK
7 Justin Anderson UK
7 Keith Hare Bristol
7 Keith Spindler UK
7 Kevin Porter UK
7 Kevin Rae UK
7 Kieran Tunney UK
7 Larry Catapang UK
7 Lee Briscoe UK
7 Lee Hart UK
7 Liam Fletcher UK
7 Lionel Brown UK
7 Louis Downes UK
7 Luke Morse UK
7 Luke Pepperell UK
7 Mark Collins UK
7 Mark Foster UK
7 Mark Lovell UK
7 Mark Mills UK
7 Mark Shepherd UK
7 Mark Wareham UK
7 Martin Mullany UK
7 Martyn Royce UK
7 Martyn Taylor UK
7 Matt Walker UK
7 Mick Bell UK
7 Mick Pyne UK
7 Mike Abel UK
7 Mohammed Nasim UK
7 Muray Prizbel UK
7 Neil Mackie UK
7 Nicholas Clayton UK
7 Nick Berger UK
7 Nigel Francis UK
7 Noel Salonga UK
7 Oliver Mandel UK
7 Paul Burnet UK
7 Paul King UK
7 Paul Morgan UK
7 Paul Robbins UK
7 Paul Sawyer UK
7 Paul Stoves UK
7 Paul Taylor UK
7 Paul Tee UK
7 Paul Thomas UK
7 Pete Blain UK
7 Pete Williams UK
7 Peter Dorey UK
7 Peter Hunt UK
7 Peter Osborne UK
7 Phil Hughes UK
7 Phil Newman UK
7 Phillip Brown UK
7 Ralph Winfield UK
7 Ranjit Bansal UK
7 Rich Bennett UK
7 Richard Twoomey UK
7 Ross Simpson UK
7 Russ Latham UK
7 Ryan Hamer UK
7 Sanjay Varma UK
7 Scott Ayres UK
7 Sean Dracup Bristol
7 Simon Barker UK
7 Simon Clarke UK
7 Simon D'Vali Leeds
7 Simon Gardner UK
7 Stavros Tassos UK
7 Ste Williams UK
7 Steve Cuthbert Bristol
7 Steve Grater UK
7 Steve Rumming UK
7 Steve Williams UK
7 Steven Cowell UK
7 Steven Turnbull UK
7 Stevie McQueen UK
7 Stevie Westwater UK
7 Suneel Kashyap UK
7 Tam Walkingshaw UK
7 Tim Goddard UK
7 Tom Staveley UK
7 Tony Weafer UK
7 Yan Birch UK
7 Yuk Chan UK
6 Alex Webb UK
6 Ali Jubara UK
6 Alim Khan UK
6 Anand Mistry Leicester
6 Andy Brown UK
6 Andy Henley UK
6 Andy Johnson UK
6 Andy Watts UK
6 Anthony Broomfield UK
6 Anthony Dessol UK
6 Ariel Olszewski UK
6 Ash Waterworth UK
6 Ash Woodhouse UK
6 Barry Briggs UK
6 Billy Jamal UK
6 Cameron Hudson UK
6 Chris Grzesik UK
6 Damian O'Brien UK
6 Daniel Lincoln UK
6 Dave Edwards UK
6 Dave Knight Portsmouth
6 Dave Parker UK
6 Dean Bogul UK
6 Derek Bickerstaff UK
6 Dimirtis Tsintzos UK
6 Eddie Maguire UK
6 Francois Loi UK
6 Gary Lewis UK
6 George Bullock UK
6 Harry Troy UK
6 Henry Havelock UK
6 Jack Constable UK
6 Jeff Collins UK
6 Joe Wetherell UK
6 John Davies UK
6 John Fletcher UK
6 John Hindley UK
6 Justin Knight UK
6 Keith Walkerdine UK
6 Kevin Cronin UK
6 Kevin Kelleher UK
6 Lee Happs UK
6 Lee Lawrence UK
6 Lee Mager UK
6 Les Boyd UK
6 Louis Carr UK
6 Matt Lester UK
6 Matt Lock UK
6 Mick Hawkes Leicester
6 Mick Jones UK
6 Mike Stanley UK
6 Nick Cheshire UK
6 Paul Eastwood UK
6 Paul Summerfield UK
6 Paul Wayte UK
6 Pete Knight UK
6 Peter McLanachan UK
6 Phil Murphy UK
6 Richard Stewart UK
6 Rik Kerr UK
6 Robert Richier UK
6 Roger Haddon UK
6 Ryan Dilkes UK
6 Ryuji Tose UK
6 Sam Goodman UK
6 Sean Gloyn UK
6 Simon Hadley UK
6 Stephen Heron UK
6 Steve Price UK
6 Steven Cole UK
6 Tim Chan UK
6 Tom Havelock UK
6 Tony carr UK
5 Adam Wale UK
5 Alec Tasker UK
5 Amy Black UK
5 Andrew Danks UK
5 Andrew Evans UK
5 Ashley Sibson UK
5 Ben Towers UK
5 Blake Hartley UK
5 Chris Wayte UK
5 Craig Lane UK
5 Dan Tait UK
5 Darren Laffer UK
5 Dave Kearns UK
5 Dave Slapak UK
5 David Dunn UK
5 Dawn Robinson UK
5 Des Bruce UK
5 Duane Fox UK
5 Emily Grant UK
5 Gary Kay UK
5 Heather Smith UK
5 Jake Harman UK
5 James Havinden UK
5 James Sawle UK
5 Jenny Roberts UK
5 Jenny Robinson UK
5 Jim McDonald Leicester
5 John Lee UK
5 Jonathan Savage UK
5 Julian Barber UK
5 Kault Mash UK
5 Keiran Gurney UK
5 Lewis Taylor UK
5 Mark Robinson UK
5 Mark Towers UK
5 Michael Kearns UK
5 Mick Walkerdine UK
5 Phil Shanks UK
5 Piotr Dzikolowski UK
5 Rio Kay UK
5 Sam Sherwood Bristol
5 Sandeep Philora UK
5 Shahidul Islam UK
5 Shane Reece UK
5 Stephen Webb UK
5 Tarun Morjarla UK
5 Tom Scott UK
5 Veso Papadanov UK
5 Zoe Wild UK
5 Zoe Young UK

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