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  Aramith - The best billiard balls
Posted by admin
on Monday, March 30 2020 @ 08:46:12 UTC  (747 reads)

www.aramith.com - facebook

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  Tiger Products - Where Craftsmanship & Technology Unite!
Posted by admin
on Tuesday, March 03 2020 @ 09:29:19 UTC  (932 reads)
home | about | technology | products | contact | showroom | faqs

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Visit the official Tiger Products website

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  The Greatest Pool Players
Posted by admin
on Thursday, February 27 2020 @ 12:38:15 UTC  (614 reads)

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The Greatest Pool Players

Pool is one of the classiest sports known to man. It requires a great deal of focus, accuracy, instinct, and trust in your skills to compete in this sport at a high level. It may not be as physically demanding as some other sports, but it has some areas that require special talents.

This sport is a favourite for people that love to wager their money on various gambling sites. They are always looking for excitement and the online casinos are more than willing to provide them with everything that they need. Some of these sites even offer fans the experience of playing pool for free and test their skills online. As far as the fans that like the gambling side of it, these sites also offer the chance to wager on your skills.

Online casinos also have tons of other games for the people that like to gamble, so if you are a fan of the excitement and thrill, be sure to check them out. They are completely safe and secure and they are known for fast payouts and enforcing fair-play.

Throughout the years of pool’s existence, we’ve witnessed many terrific players that were setting the bar too high and created standards with the records that they’ve broken. Some of these records remain unbroken to this day. The list of the greatest pool players can go forever and it is based on individual opinions, so we wanted to share our top 3 pool players of all time. Let’s check them out.

Ralph Greenleaf

Ralph Greenleaf is one of the most respected pool players in history. He was known as a very elegant and charismatic player who dominated the world of pool in the early 1900s. Ralph was also among the first 3 members who were inducted into the Billiard Congress of America's Hall of Fame in 1966. During his career, Ralph Greenleaf managed to win twenty World Pocket Billiard Championships – his first was in 1919 against Willie Mosconi and his last was in 1937 against Irving Crane.

Willie Mosconi

Next up, we have the person who lost to Ralph in 1919 and enabled him to win his first World Pocket Billiard Championship. Willie Mosconi was a true legend in this sport. He managed to win the World Pocket Billiard Championship 15 times between the years of 1941 and 1957. In short, Willie dominated every opponent in the mid-1900s. Mosconi also authored an autobiography that was published in 1993 (Willie’s Game). He died of a heart attack in his home at the age of 80.

Efren Reyes

Nicknamed “The Magician”, Efren Reyes is the greatest pool player to ever grace us with his skills. He is born in 1954 in the Philippines. Among many other achievements in his life, Reyes is also the first player to win world championships in two different pool disciplines. In 1997, Reyes won the largest single-purse reward of $100,000 after he defeated Earl Strickland. Many experts, analysts, and fans put Efren Reyes at the very top on the list of the greatest pool players in history. Efren Reyes was the first Asian inductee in the Billiard Congress of America’s Hall of Fame.

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  Tiger Products - Custom Designed Sport Polo Shirts For Men And Women
Posted by admin
on Sunday, February 09 2020 @ 16:48:32 UTC  (881 reads)
home | about | technology | products | contact | showroom | faqs

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Visit the official Tiger Products website

We are so proud to finally have our own custom designed sport polo shirts for both men and women.

The side vents, two-button placket for men, V-neck for women and set-in open sleeves provide for a clean-cut appearance.

Double-needle stitching throughout allows the short-sleeve shirt to withstand vigorous activity.

Label-free design leaves that extra irritation and distraction behind.

Moisture-wicking technology is perfect for the runner, weight lifter, active worker or indoor and outdoor enthusiast.

The contrasting side panels and back collar punctuate the sporty style.

This polo is made with 100% polyester material that features a snag-resistant quality.

• Sizes available: S, M, L, XL,2X, 3X, 4X
• Color: Black/Orange
• Logo: Printed on left front chest, left arm and top back center

Contact your local dealer.

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  2020 Allen Hopkins Productions Super Billiards Expo - April 16-19
Posted by admin
on Tuesday, February 04 2020 @ 11:21:02 UTC  (1004 reads)

facebook - amateur events - pro event - tickets
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  Matchroom Pool Launches World Rankings
Posted by admin
on Monday, January 27 2020 @ 18:15:43 UTC  (1005 reads)
9 Ball Matchroom Pool
Mascalls Lane
CM14 5LJ
www.matchroompool.com - world rankings
www.world9ballchampionship.com - facebook - twitter - instagram

Monday 27 January 2020

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Matchroom Pool has today launched its own World Rankings as well as Team Europe and Team USA rankings for the partypoker Mosconi Cup.

The Matchroom Pool World Rankings consist of major events from around the globe, while the separate European and USA Team rankings include all World Ranking events as well as additional events from across Europe and USA respectively.

For Team Europe, the top three players on the European Ranking will automatically qualify for Alex Lely’s team. On the American Ranking, the top two players will join Jeremy Jones’ roster for their title defence in London this December.

World Rankings
The Matchroom Pool World Rankings are split into six tiers based on a number of factors including total prize money, added money and tournament format. The Matchroom Pool World Rankings will be used as guidance when inviting players for World Cup of Pool and World Pool Masters, and as one of the rankings to determine seedings for the US Open 9-Ball from 2021.

A full list of events and the rankings so far can be found here:

A points breakdown of points awarded per event can be downloaded here:

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Posted by admin
on Wednesday, January 22 2020 @ 14:22:22 UTC  (1191 reads)
9 Ball Matchroom Pool
Mascalls Lane
CM14 5LJ
www.world9ballchampionship.com - facebook - twitter - instagram

Wednesday 22 January 2020

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Matchroom Pool has acquired the rights in perpetuity to host the World 9-Ball Championship from 2020 in a ground-breaking agreement with the WPA.

The World 9-Ball Championship joins Matchroom Pool’s portfolio of major events and will benefit from increased prize money and global TV coverage. The 2020 World 9-Ball Championship will be staged from Wednesday, October 14 until Sunday, October 18 at a venue to be announced in due course.

Matchroom Pool previously staged the World 9-Ball Championship from 1999 to 2008 and will apply its world-renowned promotion, TV production and arena staging to this prestigious event.

Matchroom Sport Chairman and BCA Hall of Fame promoter Barry Hearn said: “This is great news for pool fans and pool players all over the world. We are making a big push on 9-ball pool and we’ve had a lot of success over the last 12 months, particularly with the US Open which was sensational in Las Vegas. But this will be even bigger for the world of pool.

“We’ll have 128 players, prize money will go up, the event will be open to men and women and it will be televised all over the world. This is a major addition to Matchroom Pool and I think a real huge benefit to pool players and pool fans all around the world.

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  Mosconi Cup Latest - Lely To Captain Team Europe
Posted by admin
on Thursday, January 16 2020 @ 14:32:35 UTC  (964 reads)
Mosconi Cup 2020 Mosconi Cup XXVII
Alexandra Palace
Alexandra Palace Way
Greater London
N22 7AY
www.matchroompool.com - facebook - twitter - youtube

Tuesday-Friday 1-4 December 2020

Click the image to view the larger photo - use "back" to return here.

Lely To Captain Team Europe

Alex Lely has been appointed as the new captain of Team Europe at the partypoker Mosconi Cup, with Karl Boyes as his vice-captain. Europe will be looking to regain the Cup at Alexandra Palace, London this December 1st-4th after suffering back-to-back defeats against USA.

Dutchman Lely returns to the helm having been European captain in 2008 and 2009. In his first Cup as captain he led Europe to an 11-5 victory in Malta before losing 11-7 to USA the following year.

“It is very exciting,” said Lely of his appointment. “It has been ten years since I was last the captain and that is a long time in the context of the Mosconi Cup. It has grown to be so big in that time and it is getting better every year. With USA winning it the last two years, the Mosconi Cup has sparks once again.

“We have a big pool of talent in Europe. We have two wildcards so together with Karl Boyes we will need to make the right choices to compliment the three players who qualify through the rankings. There will be a list of usual suspects and new contenders we have to consider. One new contender to consider would have to be Fedor Gorst, who came really close to making the team last year and is now World Champion.

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  Ultimate Team Gear Announced As Official Merchadise Partner Of Matchroom Pool
Posted by admin
on Wednesday, January 15 2020 @ 10:32:11 UTC  (1053 reads)
9 Ball Matchroom Pool
Mascalls Lane
CM14 5LJ

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Click the image to view the larger photograph - use "back" to return here.

Ultimate Team Gear Announced As Official Merchadise Partner Of Matchroom Pool

Matchroom Pool and Ultimate Team Gear are thrilled to announce an expansion of the partnership between the two companies, which sees Ultimate Team Gear become the Official Merchandise Partner of Matchroom Pool.

Ultimate Team Gear (UTG) has been the Official Apparel Partner of the partypoker Mosconi Cup since 2015 and has also supplied player jerseys and staff clothing for the World Pool Masters, World Cup of Pool and US Open 9-Ball Championship in recent years.

UTG have established themselves as the number one name in tournament pool clothing over the last decade. Renowned for their stylish and colorful designs, UTG will continue to produce two different shirts for each team at the partypoker Mosconi Cup, as well as official jerseys for all Matchroom Pool events.

The new long-term agreement expands the partnership across all merchandise and means fans will soon be able to purchase replica jerseys and much more online at UltimateTeamGear.com and on site at the US Open 9-Ball Championship and partypoker Mosconi Cup.

Emily Frazer, COO of Matchroom Pool, said: “As we expand our Matchroom Pool brand and stable of events, it is important to work with great and consistent partners. Ultimate Team Gear undoubtably design and produce the best and most creative jersey’s in the industry.

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  Cyclop Pool Series Grand Final - Buckley Starts 2020 in Style
Posted by admin
on Friday, January 10 2020 @ 10:15:39 UTC  (494 reads)
10 Ball 2019 Rileys Solihull - Cyclop Pool Series Grand Final
Rileys American Pool and Snooker
Hobs Moat Road
West Midlands
B92 8JN
www,cuescore.com - brackets
www.solihull9ball.com - youtube - facebook - twitch - instagram

Saturday 4 January 2020

Click the image to view the larger photo - use "back" to return here.

Buckley Starts 2020 in Style

Report by: Matt Hawthorn
Photos by: Shaun Berrisford

On Saturday 4th January 2020 the 24 highest ranked Cyclop Pool Series participants were invited back to Rileys Sports Bar Solihull for our series Grand Final. This event would see our highest pay-outs of the series, with a prize fund of £1600 broken down as follows : winner £600, R.Up £300, Semis £150, Quarters £100. Live streaming, and commentary, came courtesy of Extreme Q Sport TV. All players were polled beforehand, with the option of playing either 9 Ball or 10 Ball on the day. The majority voted for 10 Ball. All matches were a race to 7, subject to handicaps, played to a modified double elimination format with the top eight ranked players seeded and given a bye through to the second round.

The 8 seeded qualifiers were (ranking points in brackets) : Luke Garland (149), Kev Simpson (145), Benji Buckley (128), Alan Coton (127), Ian McCormik (114), Andy Lacey (109), Shane Conroy (108) and Ryan Coton (103).

The following sixteen players would enter the competition in the first round: Elliott Sanderson (95), Carl Weaver (93), Raffy Gonzales (92), Daryl Garland (92), Kris Kovacs (92), Steve Weaver (88), Keith Walkerdine (88), Kurt Weaver (87), Andy Carter (87), Chris Seville (84), Chris Parker (84), Mark Eardley (83), Ryan Wissett (74), Danny Douane (74), Shaun Berrisford (69) and Romy Roque (63). Unfortunately, Chris Seville and Romy Roque were unable to attend but their spots were filled by the 25th and 26th ranked players, Alan Morgan and Matt Hawthorn.

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