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  Introducing the new HD Series of Pool and Carom Cues
Posted by admin
on Wednesday, March 13 2019 @ 07:28:57 UTC  (479 reads)
cues | shafts | cue tips | cue case | accessories | wraps | apparel | cue care

Click the picture to view the full size image (use "back" to return here)
View the new Tiger HD Series Cues

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  WPA Player Allocations Set for WPA Players Championship in Las Vegas
Posted by admin
on Wednesday, March 06 2019 @ 21:53:21 UTC  (813 reads)
9 Ball 2019 WPA Players Championship
Griff's Las Vegas
3650 South Decatur Blvd.
?Las Vegas
www.playcsipool.com - full event details

12 - 19 April 2019

Click the image to view the larger photograph - use "back" to return here.

WPA Player Allocations Set for WPA Players Championship in Las Vegas

Report by Ozzy Reynolds - CEO, CueSports International

The player allocations for the $50,000 added 2019 WPA Players Championship have been finalized. The following 48 players have been invited based on the WPA rankings and member federations.

The WPA Players Championship will be staged at Griff’s Billiards in Las Vegas, April 16-19, ahead of the US Open 9-Ball Championship, which will be held April 21-26 at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. This WPA Category 3 Ranking event, with $50,000 added prize money, will provide players, especially those competing in the US Open 9-Ball Championship, even more opportunity in Las Vegas.

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  Zagreb Open 2019 - 10 Ball Tournament
Posted by admin
on Saturday, March 02 2019 @ 12:34:00 UTC  (423 reads)

Click the image to view the larger image - use "back" to return here.

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  2019 Super Billiards Expo - March 28-31
Posted by admin
on Thursday, February 28 2019 @ 07:34:27 UTC  (580 reads)

facebook - amateur events - pro event - tickets
Click the image to view the larger image - use "back" to return here.

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  Benji dominant in Solihull 9 Ball Series Event 1
Posted by admin
on Wednesday, February 13 2019 @ 09:26:05 UTC  (707 reads)
9 Ball 2019 Rileys Solihull Series
Rileys American Pool and Snooker
Hobs Moat Road
West Midlands
B92 8JN
www.rileys.co.uk - facebook

Saturday 26 January 2019

Finalists: Benji Buckley (winner) and Alan Coton.

Benji dominant in Solihull 9 Ball Series Event 1

Report by: Matt Hawthorn

There's a new series of 9-Ball Pool tournaments in the Midlands, and Solihull is where it's at.

Thirty-seven budding participants headed to Riley's Sports Bar for Second City 9 Ball's curtain-raising event. The flagship club, with it's three-metre HD screen and twelve freshly cleaned nine-foot tables, was all set for the day's play.

Local big-hitters Alan 'Chopper' Coton and Tony 'The Quick' Fry faced off early on, with The Chopper coming out on top 7-4. Chris Patient survived a nervy final rack decider against Coventry's Luke Hart, before beating Elliott Sanderson impressively 7-5, sending the talented Yorkshireman to the loser's side.

On the adjacent table meanwhile Shaun Berrisford, a relative newcomer to the game, pulled out a great win against Roy Kimberley, likewise at hill-hill.

Mark Stephenson had a solid run to the quarter-finals, despite drawing arguably the two tournament favourites along the way in Stewart Colclough and Benji Buckley, the latter finally putting an end to his run.

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  "Killer" Filler wins the Dynamic Billard Leende Open 2019
Posted by admin
on Thursday, February 07 2019 @ 05:56:19 UTC  (1370 reads)
EuroTour The Dynamic Billard Leende Open
Golden Tulip Jagershorst
Valkenswaardseweg 44

Thursday-Sunday 7-10 February 2019

Joshua Filler winning his first Euro-Tour title
Click the image to view the large poster - use "back" to return here.

"Killer" Filler wins the Dynamic Billard Leende Open 2019

Joshua Filler (GER) just won his first Euro-Tour tournament, the Dynamic Billard Leende Open 2019, with an impressive 9:7 final victory over Ruslan Chinakhov (RUS).

The final match was determined by high class pool billiards by both players. The pressure and the heat was on for the athletes. They took racks in turn and kept the match open for a long time. After 11 racks, Chinakhov missed an easy shot on the 6-ball when he could have gotten a 2-rack-advantage over Filler. But instead, the young German who just claimed his first World Champion title in 9-ball last year, levelled the match at 6:6. Then, he broke dry and gave the table back to Chinakhov. A safety battle occurred with Filler coming out as the winner. But now he showed some nerves and missed a makable 2-ball. However, the Russian could not capitalise from Filler’s mistake and allowed Filler to get to 7:6. The next rack was a break-and-run by Chinakhov, so the heat was really on at 7:7. With Filler on the break shot, the World Champion kept his nerves together and got on the hill with 8:7. Then, Chinakhov broke and to his horror the cue ball scratched, giving Filler an open table with ball in hand. The layout was not easy, but Filler stayed as cold as ice and ran the rack, winning the match with 9:7 over Chinakhov who also performed extremely well during the Dynamic Billard Leende Open 2019.

„I can’t even describe how happy I am“, stated Filler when asked after the awards ceremony. „It was a long day with some really tough matches form me and now I’m really tired but extremely satisfied“, Filler added. When asked, was his next goal is after winning his first World Champion title a few months ago and now winning his first Euro-Tour, Filler’s answer came without hesitation: „US Open Champion“ !

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  Jayson Shaw - Action Man of Pool
Posted by admin
on Tuesday, February 05 2019 @ 08:39:00 UTC  (946 reads)

Click the image to view the larger photograph - use "back" to return here.

Shaw putting it all on action this month!

Jayson Shaw is ramping up the tension and excitement with a slew of big-money live streams featuring tough matches against top opponents from the USA.

First up is Ray Hansen's "PoolActionTV" presenting their "Stakehorse" production...

"Extreme firepower from "Eagle Eye" Jayson Shaw vs Justin Bergman "Iceberg's surgeon like precision."

"Live from Steakhorse Restaurant & Billiards. THE place for pool action! Starts this Thursday at 5 pm eastern."

Slated as a 10 Ball Champions Challenge, The Iceberg Justin Bergman vs Eagle Eye Jayson Shaw will start this Thursday at 5pm (local time) on February 7-11th, 2019 with races to 25 each day featuring best 3 out of 5 wins for the match.

This is going to be a full production show with multiple HD camera angles, instant replays and will feature expert commentary from Jeremy Jones - live on PPV at www.PoolActionTV.com and as they say, it's definitely...

Going to be explosive!!! With $48,000 on the line!!!

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  Filler Closes 2018 WPS Season as the Predator Grand Final Champion
Posted by admin
on Sunday, January 20 2019 @ 14:24:24 UTC  (958 reads)
10 Ball World Pool Series - The Predator Grand Final
Steinway Billiards
3525 Steinway St
New York City
NY 11101
+1 718-472-2124
www.worldpoolseries.com - facebook - instagram - twittter - live stream

17-20 January 2019

All photography courtesy of ©Erwin Dionisio - World Pool Series 2018.
Click the image to view the full size poster - use "back" to return here.

Joshua Filler Closes the 2018 WPS Season as the Predator Grand Final Champion

Article - Shirley Ang/WPS
Photography - ©E. Dionisio/WPS

Shortly after Jayson Shaw was selected over Joshua Filler for the European Mosconi Cup team with the final wildcard pick, the fiery young German realized a couple of things.

First, he had much work to do to become the professional pool player that he believed he could be. Additionally, what better time to start than now? Under the instruction of coach Michael Wahl, Filler started working on his game between four-to-eight hours a day in the weeks after the selections were made.

The new commitment continued to pay dividends this weekend, as Filler fought his way through an elite field of 50 players to win the Predator Grand Final, defeating countryman and mentor Ralf Souquet 17-11 in the finals Sunday night at Astoria’s Steinway Billiards. The victory was a continuation of a masterful and lucrative 30-day stretch for the 20-year-old, who bested Carlo Biado of the Philippines at the WPA World 9-Ball Championships late last month in Qatar.

“I played pretty well. It was a tough field,” Filler said. “I feel like in the second half I had a little more confidence.”

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  GB9 Midlands Classic to be official UK qualifier for 2019 US Open
Posted by admin
on Sunday, January 20 2019 @ 08:45:46 UTC  (636 reads)
Park Inn by Radisson Hotel
Telford Centre
United Kingdom
www.gb9balltour.com - 2019 US Open Qualification Form

Friday - Sunday 16-18 February 2019

Click the image to view the larger image - use "back" to return here.

2019 GB9 Midlands Classic will be official UK qualification event for 2019 US Open

GB9 are delighted to announce that the 2019 GB9 Midlands Classic will be the official UK qualification event for the 2019 US Open, taking place at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino from 21-26 April.

The winner will receive a guaranteed spot in the event, with any additional monies raised going towards flight and accommodation expenses.

Players wishing to enter this event will need to be signed up to play in the GB9 Midlands Classic, opt to enter the US Open Qualification and are required to pay an additional £100 to enter.

Further details, plus the opt in entry form can be found at www.gb9balltour.com/2019-us-open-qualification-form

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Posted by admin
on Saturday, January 19 2019 @ 21:04:02 UTC  (749 reads)
9 Ball 2019 US Open 9-Ball Championship
Mandalay Bay
3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas
NV 89119

Sunday-Friday 21-26 April 2019

Click the image to view the larger photo - use "back" to return here.


The 256-player field for the 43rd US Open 9-Ball Championship is now full.

With 221 player entries confirmed, and 35 spots reserved for global qualifying events still to take place, Matchroom Multi Sport is now operating a waiting list system. Players who have not yet entered the 2019 US Open 9-Ball Championship should join the waiting list at www.matchroompool.com/usopen9ball. If a place in the event becomes available, the player at the top of the waiting list will be contacted and offered that space.

Players can still enter one of the many qualifying events taking place around the world which offers entry to the US Open 9-Ball Championship, which is set for Mandalay Bay Resort Las Vegas this April 21-26. A full list of qualifying events can be found at www.matchroompool.com/usopen9ball.

Matchroom Multi Sport COO Emily Frazer said: “We’re thrilled to have filled the field for the US Open 9-Ball already. We knew this event was going to be hugely popular but to have a full field more than three months before the event shows just how excited the pool world is about Matchroom’s first US Open.

“The US Open 9-Ball is a great event with a long and illustrious history. We’ve got plans now to take it to a whole new level and we’ve got lots of big news to announce over the next few weeks.

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