'uri' ); ?> Hague 5 - Straight Pool Dog Fight Coming Up!

Hague 5 - Straight Pool Dog Fight Coming Up!

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Date: Wednesday, April 04 2018 @ 21:15:45 UTC
Topic: 14-1 Straight Pool

Straight Pool - Alex Lely vs Christoph Reintjes
Hague 5 - Pool Hall
Gortstraat 7
2511 AP Den Haag
South Holland
www.hague5.nl - facebook
www.orangeforks.com - facebook - youtube

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Straight Pool Dog Fight Coming Up!

On Saturday April 14th a big battle will commence..

Alex Lely, arguably the best 14.1 player Holland's ever produced will take on Christoph Reintjes.. one's of Germany's 14.1 specialist.

Playing a race to a 1000 points this will be a monster match!

Couple of words from the players:

“I love Straightpool.. Dunno if I will when all is done and dusted.. Auf gehts!”

Since i was 16 years old i fell in love with the game, it's A lovestory that never ends! To play it nearly perfect you have to merge with the game... !

Come and cheer these guys on at Hague 5 in the Hague, the Netherlands. Or join us through a FREE LIVE STREAM brought to you by the one and only OrangeForks Productions! Facebook or Youtube.

Martin Sawicki and other volunteers will do English commentary.

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SIDE-BETS are OPEN. If you are interested in betting on one of the guys, contact Martin Sawicki directly through PM or +31644360930.

The match starts around 12:00PM on Saturday April 14th.

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