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Must-Have Pool Tables for Ultimate Fans

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Date: Friday, November 03 2017 @ 13:24:15 UTC
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Must-Have Pool Tables for Ultimate Fans

The ultimate boy-toy for every man cave has finally been remastered and it is brilliant! 7 pool tables straight from the Gods. From being the eyesore that the lady of the house has frowned upon to being the centerpiece of her design, it's a revelation. Each of these designs brings its characteristic spirit into its surroundings, no matter whether this is a modern look, homage to old-fashioned styling or something completely innovative and unique.

James De Wulf Pool Table
Those who have heard about James De Wulf and his previous work probably have a somewhat ‘concrete’ idea as to the design basics. He is famous for his ping pong table, constructed using a rather unusual material – concrete. The same principle applies here, as De Wulf has created a modern and futuristic, yet rugged and manly concrete pool table according to all standard specifications for a 9-ball pool game.

Fusion Pool Table
Even if you are determined to fulfill your boyhood dream, space can be an issue in some cases, as pool tables are bulky and require some move-around space. Fusion pool tables suit all members of the family, as you can use them as a workspace or even a dining table with the top lid on, or as an elegant pool table.

G-1 Glass Top Table    
Playing pool will never be the same once you’ve tried it on a G-1 table. Its glass top replaces the usual green felt, giving you the unique satisfaction of watching each ball you sink go through the return system. Many have compared it to the thrill of watching the balls drawn from the machine with a ticket you happened to buy. Such impulse decisions to play lottery online or buy the G-1 often turn out to be the most gratifying.

“Pool” Table
The creative genius that designed this type of pool table had their focus on the player’s unique and enjoyable experience. The baize is once again replaced, now by a material that makes it look like you’re hitting the balls on the surface of a mini pool right in your living room.

Unusually Shaped Pool Tables
Despite the obvious distinct features in terms of design, all the tables mentioned so far have the same rectangular shape. Pool fans willing to work on their strategic planning skills will definitely enjoy the most unusually shaped pool tables on the market. From banana forms to regular round tables, there are quite a few versions to choose from.

Predator Pool Table
This pool table is made to provoke fear in your opponent's’ eyes long before the game starts. A combination of aluminum and maple veneer, accompanied by glass rails gives the pool table a menacing look right from the start, and is only complemented by a ball return system enhanced with steel cables.

Obscura Cuelight Interactive Pool Table
Technology has crept its way into pool games, transforming the regular experience into a sci-fi adventure. The Cuelight system is basically installed on regular pool tables to give them this tech look, as it makes use of light projectors and sensors that cause the imagery to react to the game flow.

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