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ABNbilliards Dreamchallenge, USA vs Russia

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Date: Saturday, September 23 2017 @ 11:19:03 UTC
Topic: 9 Ball

ABNbilliards Dreamchallenge, USA vs Russia
Billiard Club Baza (and Olympiysky Sport Complex - for 23rd only)
20 Lidiya Bazanova Street
Tverskaya Oblast
www.abnbilliards.ru - facebook

Saturday-Tuesday 23-26 September 2017

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Team USA

Shane Van Boening
Billy Thorpe
Oscar Dominguez
Dennis Hatch
Corey Deuel

Team Russia

Ruslan Chinakhov
Konstantin Stepanov
Fedor Gorst
Sergey Lutsker
Maksim Dudanets

All credit to ABN Billiards for putting this on, and offering free live streaming from both the Kremlin Cup, and this event which I saw someone wittily refer to as the "Moscowni" Cup - and I'm wondering if the real Mosconi Cup Team Europe should take notice that Johan Ruysink is obviously doing some serious warming up of Team USA (albeit with Corey Deuel subbed in for Skylar Woodward) and if the European fans should be worried about meeting a more prepared opponent in Las Vegas this year?

The action starts later today after the Kremlin Cup Final - and you can watch it LIVE here on Pro9's Chat Page... www.pro9.co.uk/html/chat.php

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Prize money

Total - $5000
Winner team - $4000
Runner-up team - $1000


9-ball, WPA rules
Race to 5
Alternate break
30 seconds shot clock
Double time after the break
1 extension per rack per team
Extension must to be confirmed
Referee to rack, hand rack
1-ball on the spot
3-point rule


Sep 23rd

15:00 (subject to change due to the Kremlin Cup Finals)
team match 5х5, team line up to be determined on the 23rd

Sep 24th

18:30 - double
Chinakhov / Dudanets vs Van Boening / Hatch

19:15 - double
Stepanov / Lutsker vs Thorpe / Deuel

20:00 - double
Stepanov / Gorst vs Thorpe / Dominguez

20:45 - single
Chinakhov vs Van Boening

21:30 - double
Dudanets / Gorst vs Dominguez / Deuel

Sep 25th

18:30 - double
Chinakhov / Gorst vs Van Boening / Thorpe

19:15 - single
Stepanov vs Dominguez

20:00 - double
Lutsker / Gorst vs Hatch / Thorpe

20:45 - single
Dudanets vs Hatch

21:30 - double
Stepanov / Chinakhov vs Van Boening / Deuel

Sep 26th

18:30 - double
Chinakhov / Lutsker vs Dominguez / Hatch

19:15 - single
Gorst vs Deuel

20:00 - double
Lutsker / Dudanets vs Van Boening / Dominguez

20:45 - single
Lutsker vs Thorpe

21:30 - double
Stepanov / Dudanets vs Hatch / Deuel

22:15 - single
captains pick

all times are Moscow (UTC+3)

by Match TV national sports channel (team match 5х5 only)
by ABNbilliards (https://www.facebook.com/abnbilliards), English commentry

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