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posticon   Posted: 2015-06-21 06:20


Boys From Brazil Have World Cup Chance

Brazil won their third consecutive match at the Nongfu Spring World Cup on Thursday to boost their chance of qualifying from the group phase.

Igor Figueiredo and Itaro Santos saw off Malaysia 4-1 and now have 13 points in Group B. Scotland and Belgium both have 14 points but they play each other in the final group match on Friday, which means that Brazil will reach the quarter-finals if they can beat Hong Kong 4-1. The top two in each group go through.

"We are very happy and proud to represent our country and to be doing well," said Santos, who won the Pan-American Championship this year.

England's 5-0 win over UAE moved them up to second place in Group D and means that another 5-0 win, over the Republic of Ireland in their last group match, would guarantee them a quarter-final spot. Anything less and their fate will depend on the results of leaders China B against Germany and third-place Thailand against UAE.

England's Mark Selby said: "We've played well since our opening defeat and we've given ourselves a chance, going into the last match. In this format anyone can win."

Ireland are just one point behind England following a 4-1 defeat of Germany. Ken Doherty said: "We would have liked to win 5-0 today, we have a lot to do tomorrow now. We're just gutted that we didn't have our cues for our opening match as that had a big impact on our chances. It's an exciting format and we look forward to the challenge of playing England."

Home favourites China A continue to impress as their 5-0 thrashing of Norway means Ding Junhui and Xiao Guodong have 18 points from a possible 20. They need just one frame tomorrow against third-placed Malta. India's 3-2 win over Malta today lifted them to second.

A 4-1 win for Wales over Northern Ireland brought their total to 17 points so Mark Williams and Michael White need just one more point against Australia tomorrow to be sure of their progress. Australia's target is to get at least as many points as Northern Ireland score against Pakistan.

For all results and group tables see www.worldsnooker.com/world-cup-group-tables


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posticon   Posted: 2015-06-21 06:25


Nominees for the 2015 Straight Pool Hall of Fame

New York City, NY - The 5th Annual 14.1 Hall of Fame nominees have been announced via selection process from the World 141 Club in a row. We are please to announce this year's ballot list which includes World Champions Allen Hopkins, Nick Varner, and Bobby Hunter in the Greatest Player Category. Mike Eufemia, Danny Barouty, and Tom Jennings are nominated in the Unsung Hero Category. Finally, 19-times World 14.1 winner Willie Mosconi will be honored posthumously in coordination with the 75th edition of The World Tournament of 14.1. The main event will take place once more in New York City. Dragon Promotions is pleased to keep the oldest billiard event in the world alive with the 75th production on July 13th-19th, 2015. As usual, a star studded field is expected this year at Steinway Billiards Cafe, who is once more hosting this world class event. The World Tournament Official Equipment include Viking Cue with all matches played on Andy Cloth. Event partners include Mr.Tom Gleich, Dr. Gregory Diehl, Mr. Greg Hunt of Amsterdam Billiards, & Mr. Jim Gottier of Greenleaf's Pool Room. Patron sponsors include Mr. Harold Siegel of Excelsior Graphics, Dr. James Heller, Mr. Charles Eames of Charles Eames Photography, Frank Scharbach of Frank's Billard Cafe, and the National Amateur Pool League.

The World Tournament will be live streamed on AZBTV by going to www.worldstraightpool.com . Official media partners are www.NYCGrind.com , Pool & Billiard Magazine, & tech support by Gotham City Technologies.

"The 14.1 Hall of Fame Banquet is an awesome event. The players are all dressed up and enjoying themselves. Dragon Promotions really does it right", said John Schmidt, 2012 World Tournament of 14.1 Champion.

"It's truly an honor to be inducted into this group of legends", said Oliver Ortmann, who was inducted into the 14.1 HOF in 2013.

"It's really an incredible event. I genuinely get goosebumps each year that night as I'm so excited to hear the speeches, the stories, the videos, and just generally appreciate the special atmosphere of that one night. The players are on their greatest behavior and you can tell they are just truly honored to all be there as a part of the event. The 14.1 Hall of Fame ceremony is an absolute must for any pool enthusiast", says Charlie Williams, Executive Producer of the World Tournament.

Type your VOTE for the following and send to our Facebook page or email worldstraightpoolchampionships@gmail.com

Greatest Player Category:
Allen Hopkins (NJ) :World 14.1 Champion 1977. Runner -up in 1974, 1978, 1986.
Nick Varner(KY): World 14.1 Champion 1980 & 1986
Bobby Hunter (MI) : World 14.1 Champion 1990. 14.1 Teacher of John Schmidt 2012 World 14.1 Champion

Danny Barouty(NY) : 3x Top Five finisher at the World 14.1. Promoter of 14.1 leagues & events in NY & CA
Tom Jennings (NY) : US Open 14.1 Champ 1976 & 1977
Mike Eufemia (NY) : Stardust 14.1 Champion 1967. Multiple 400 ball runner.

A special video presentation of each inductee will be produced and presented by www.NYCGrind.com's Jerry Tarantola.
"The Straight Pool Hall of Fame banquet always ends up being an extraordinary evening. The food is delicious and the camaraderie fills the air with nostalgia and goodwill", said Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions who has overseen the World Tournament for a decade now.

Support straight pool and the 14.1 Hall of Fame by joining the World 141 Club & for a very inexpensive sponsorship, become one of the 141 special people joining the 141 Club which will fund this year's events. The list of benefits & gifts are huge. Goto http://worldstraightpool.com/tickets.html . Tickets will be sold at the door during the event. Sponsors and private contributors can still join this year's event. Final added money and fundraising for the 5th Annual Straight Pool Hall of Fame are still being generated. To help be a part of this treasured event, please contact Dragon Promotions and join the World 141 Club.

Get the latest news and complete results of all years at www.worldstraightpool.com and daily year round updates on www.facebook.com/Worldstraightpool . Follow Dragon Promotions news at www.twitter.com/Dragonpromoter
Vendor spaces are also available, for more information on player registration, sponsorship, or if you would like to submit a comment, please email worldstraightpoolchampionships@gmail.com or contact Dragon Promotions at 1-407-782-4978. Full event info is atwww.dragonpromotions.com

Dragon Promotions & Synergy International are event organizing and marketing companies respectively. Dragon Promotions is one of the leading producers of billiards and sports programming in the world today covering billiards, tennis, football, golf, MMA, charity events and more. In a span of 14 years, Dragon Promotions has produced over 300 international events airing on TV networks globally from the USA, China, Philippines, South Korea, Canada, the Middle East, all of Asia, and Europe. Events include The World Tournament of 14.1, KIA Motors Football Korea vs Philippines, The Women's International Pool Championship , Dragon MMA Combat Night, The African American TennisTournament, The Queens Cup, The Orlando Summer Tennis Open, The International 10-Ball Championship, King & Queen of Carom, The Typhoon Haiyan Tennis Tournament, Pro Pool Schools, Women's Trickshot Challenge, World Junior 10-Ball Championships, The World Mixed Doubles, the Vietnamese Tennis Open and many more. Visit www.dragonpromotions.com .

For interest in marketing and branding your company, business, or events please contactOrlando Synergy at 1-407-782-4978 or email support@dragonpromotions.com


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posticon   Posted: 2015-06-21 06:30


England Out Of World Cup

England were knocked out of the Nongfu Spring World Cup in China in dramatic circumstances, despite beating the Republic of Ireland in their final group game.

Mark Selby and Stuart Bingham, the world's top two players, beat Ireland 3-2, but finished third in Group D so missed out on a quarter-final place. Thailand's Dechawat Poomjaeng and Thepchaiya Un-Nooh beat UAE 4-1 to finish level on points with England, and finished second having won the head-to-head match at the start of the week.

Thailand go through to meet Wales on Saturday, while group winners China B, comprising Zhou Yuelong and Yan Bingtao, will face Australia.

A jubilant Un-Nooh said: "It feels great because we’ve never qualified for the second round before. This is a first for Thailand. I feel like we need to shout very loud. Now we have got this far, we are not scared of anything."

Poomjaeng, who won the last and decisive frame against UAE's Mohamed Shehab, added: "Now we have confidence. I want to beat everyone now. The final is so far away, but we will do it. We never give up.”

Selby said: "We won four out of five games and still didn't qualify. We had such a tough group."

There was also an exciting finish in Group C, after Welsh duo Mark Williams and Michael White had beaten Australia 3-2 to top the group. That result meant outsiders Pakistan could qualify by beating Northern Ireland 5-0 and that was on the cards when they went 4-0 up.

But Gerard Greene beat Muhammad Sajjad in the last frame, which meant Australia's Neil Robertson and Vinnie Calabrese scraped through, just a point ahead of both Pakistan and Northern Ireland.

A relieved Robertson said: "I wasn't aware that Pakistan could qualify, until Mark Williams told me during our match. We didn't do well in the first two matches but Vinnie has really improved as the week has gone on and I'm proud of him. He played a good frame against Mark Williams today which proved vital in the end. This event has been fantastic experience for him.

"Pakistan are unlucky not to go through because they've had a great tournament with two very good players. But I'm delighted we've made it ahead of them."

Belgium stormed into the quarter-finals with a 3-2 victory over Scotland, meaning they won all five of their group games.

Rising star Luca Brecel and amateur Tomasz Skalski topped Group B and will now face India in the last eight. Scotland finished second to earn a match with China A.

World number 44 Brecel said: “It’s fantastic to beat Scotland and to win all five group games. It’s a different pressure here. I missed a frame-ball red today, which I would never usually miss if I was just playing for myself. We have reached our goal now in getting to the quarter-finals so we will be more relaxed.”

Skalski added: “It gives me a lot of confidence to play with Luca because I know he’s going to win his frames. I have played above my level in most of the matches.”

Scotland’s defeat meant their fate rested in Brazil’s hands, but John Higgins and Stephen Maguire were relieved to see that Brazil had lost 5-0 to Hong Kong.

“We’re lucky to get through because we had to rely on Hong Kong,” admitted four-time World Champion Higgins. “It will be a very difficult against China tomorrow.”

Ding Junhui and Xiao Guodong of host nation China also won all five matches in Group A, culminating in a 3-2 defeat of Malta today. India’s Pankaj Advani and Aditya Mehta secured second spot with a 4-1 win over Singapore.

Advani said: “When we saw the draw we felt we had a good chance to qualify, so I’m glad we’ve lived up to that expectation. Aditya has played better than me so far but there is no ego between us, we work as a team and I just need to pull up my socks.

“We are discussing the games, sharing ideas and giving each other confidence. Now we’re at the business end of the tournament, representing India, and this is what we play for.”

Saturday's quarter-final line-up:

1pm local time
China A v Scotland
India v Belgium

7.30pm local time
Australia v China B
Wales v Thailand

For all results and group tables see www.worldsnooker.com/world-cup-group-tables


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posticon   Posted: 2015-06-21 06:33


Match schedule announced for the Atlantic Challenge Cup

The Organizers today announced the match schedule for the inaugural staging of the Atlantic Challenge Cup. The event kicks off on Wednesday 1st July with three matches starting at 19.30h CET (Central European time) when the teams play at least a rack each in a team race to 6.
The event has six players from each Continent, four boys and two girls in each team and they will face off to become the inaugural winners of the Atlantic Challenge Cup. The event, staged by the EPBF & BCA who have joined forces with their respective partners, IBPF & the BEF is the first of its kind in the youth division. It is a joint initiative between the two continental governing bodies and is seen as an important step in the promotion of the sport.
The event takes place at Patricks Canadian Tavern in Rankweil Austria from the 1st to the 4th of July 2015. The official match table is supplied by Dynamic Billard and the official cloth is Iwan Simonis 860. Saluc will supply the Aramith TV Pro-cup balls for the inaugural staging of the Atlantic Challenge Cup.

Match Times
Program                             Times are local (CET)
Wednesday 1st July        19:30 to 22:30 Three matches
Thursday 2nd July            15:00 to 17:00 Two matches
19:30 to 22:30 Three matches
Friday 3rd July                                        14:00 to 17:00 Three matches
19:30 to 23:30 Four matches
Saturday 4th July             15:00 to 21:00 Six matches
21:30 Presentations & Party

Match Schedule;
Day 1; (3 matches played)
Day 1 Match 1= 1 x team, all 6 players play at least 1 frame, in a race to 6.
Day 1 Matches 2 & 3 = 2 x triplets, 2 boys and 1 girl play singles as above in a race to 6

Day 2; (5 matches played)
Day 2 Matches 4 & 5 = 2 x scotch doubles, 1 girls pair and 1 junior pair alternate shots.
Day 2 Matches 6, 7 & 8 = 3 x singles

Day 3; (7 matches played)
Day 3 Matches 9 & 10 = 2 x mixed scotch doubles (girl and boy) alternate shots.
Day 3 Matches 11 & 12 = 2 x singles (choice of players not used in the previous day singles)
Day 3 Matches 13 & 14 = 2 x mixed scotch doubles (girl and boy) Boys not the same as matches 9/10
Day 3 Match 15 = 1 x junior doubles (juniors not used in the above mixed)

Day 4; (6 matches played)
Day 4 Matches 16 to 21 = 6 Singles matches
Additional rules

Additional rules that will be used at the inaugural staging of the Atlantic Challenge Cup are as follows;
The racking of the balls will mean that the 9-ball will be placed on the spot.
The tables will be tapped prior to the event.
Three point rule is in force on all breaks.
A shot clock is used on all matches, 25 seconds + 10 with one additional 25 seconds extension per rack. Clock starts on all shots after the break has been executed when all balls are motionless and the incoming player has a clear table.

The event is organized by the EPBF/IBPF in cooperation with the BCA/BEF


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posticon   Posted: 2015-06-23 14:06


China Win Snooker's World Cup

China B’s talented teenagers Zhou Yuelong and Yan Bingtao won the Nongfu Spring World Cup in their home country, beating Scotland 4-1 in the final in Wuxi.

It’s the second consecutive time that China have won the event as they beat Northern Ireland in the final in Thailand in 2011.

On that occasion it was Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo who took the trophy. This time the host nation was allowed to enter two teams into the 24-team tournament, and it was their ‘B’ pairing of 17-year-old Zhou and 15-year-old Yan who stole the show with a series of brilliant displays.

After coming through the group phase then knocking out Australia and Wales, they beat experienced Scottish duo John Higgins and Stephen Maguire in the final to claim the $200,000 top prize and underline China’s status as a growing force in the global game.

Zhou and Yan have both won the World Amateur title and both look to have the potential to follow in Ding’s footsteps and become regular winners on the professional circuit. Zhou scored some impressive results during his rookie year on the tour last season, while Yan is now debuting on the circuit.

China stormed into a 3-0 lead in the final as Yan beat Higgins in the opening frame with a break of 100, Zhou saw off Maguire with runs of 44 and 51, then the home favourites added a doubles frame.

Maguire took frame four against Yan, but Zhou’s 33 clearance in frame five against Higgins gave China the title.

Earlier in the semi-finals, Scotland beat India 4-3, with Maguire taking a dramatic final frame on the last pink after Aditya Mehta had missed a match-winning chance. China B edged out Welsh duo Mark Williams and Michael White 4-3.

Results (quarter-finals onwards)

Scotland 4-1 China A
India 4-1 Belgium
Wales 4-1 Thailand
China B 4-2 Australia

Scotland 4-3 India
China B 4-3 Wales

China B 4-1 Scotland

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posticon   Posted: 2015-06-23 21:15


2015 US Bar Table Championships 9-Ball Matches Released on YouTube

CueSports International, Henderson, Nevada (June 22, 2015) – CSI is pleased to announce that the 2015 US Bar Table Championships 9-Ball Division matches have been released on the CSI YouTube channel. Eighteen (18 ) matches featuring some of the best players in the world can be viewed in their entirety absolutely free!

The 2015 US Bar Table Championships were held February 16-22, 2015 at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Reno, NV. The matches were recorded in “The Kamui Arena” with high definition equipment and full-time commentary by Ken Shuman and other special guests. CSI would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to our primary sponsors:

Kamui: “The Official Tip of the 22nd US Bar Table Championships!”
OB: “The Official Cue of the 22nd US Bar Table Championships!”

Below are the matches on this YouTube playlist:

Match 1: Jessica Orth vs Taylor Hansen
Match 2: Kelly Isaac vs Liz Lovely (Women’s Final)
Match 3: Shane Van Boening vs Joven Bustamante
Match 4: Rodrigo Geronimo vs Jeffrey Ignacio
Match 5: Justin Bergman vs Jerry Matchin
Match 6: Jeffrey Ignacio vs Anthony Lucero
Match 7: Danny Olson vs Dan Louie
Match 8: Skyler Woodward vs Scott Frost
Match 9: Mike Massey vs Jeremy Sossei
Match 10: Tristen Hansen vs Rodrigo Geronimo
Match 11: Shane Van Boening vs Brian Deska
Match 12: Danny Olson vs Oscar Dominguez
Match 13: Corey Deuel vs Joven Bustamante
Match 14: Shane Van Boening vs Danny Olson (Hot Seat Match)
Match 15: Ernesto Dominguez vs Josh Roberts
Match 16: Ernesto Dominguez vs Joven Bustamante
Match 17: Ernesto Dominguez vs Danny Olson (Semi-Final)
Match 18: Shane Van Boening vs Danny Olson (Final)

2015 US Bar Table Championships 9-Ball Division Playlist:

CSI YouTube Channel:

Don’t forget to “Subscribe” to the CSI YouTube channel to be notified when we add new content.


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posticon   Posted: 2015-06-23 21:20


Statement from the World Confederation of Billiard Sports

The World Confederation of Billiard Sports has been informed that Cue Sports are not included in the shortlist of eight sports to be considered for inclusion in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

While falling at this stage is disappointing for Cue Sports, inclusion in the process to date has been hugely beneficial and we are stronger and more united as a result.

We would like to wish the eight successful IFs the best of luck with their respective bids.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the contributing parties to the bid including The World Pool-Billiard Association, The Union Mondiale de Billiard, the IBSF and the WPBSA - through their partnership the World Snooker Federation. We would also like to say a huge thank you to the Nippon Billiards Association of Japan for supporting our bid and making our voice heard. Finally we would also like to thank the International Olympic Committee for giving us a fair and transparent platform on which to make our bid.

Cue sports have made vast strides forward in recent years in terms of fulfilling the Olympic criteria. Snooker, pool and carom are played and watched by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. We are committed to continuing this progress in the coming years.

We will move forward more determined and more focused on achieving the status of an Olympic Sport and we look forward to starting our bid for the 2024 Olympics.


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posticon   Posted: 2015-06-25 12:35


Atlantic Challenge Cup Website Launched

Organizers of the Atlantic Challenge Cup today launched a website for the inaugural staging of the Atlantic Challenge Cup. All the fixtures, results and live scores along with the team profiles can be found here at this link.


The event features the best six junior players (four boys and two girls) from Europe and America in a competition to see who will have the bragging rights across the Atlantic.

The event takes place at Patricks Canadian Tavern in Rankweil, Austria from the 1st to the 4th of July, 2015. The official match table is supplied by Dynamic Billard and the official cloth is Iwan Simonis 860. Saluc will supply the Aramith TV Pro-Cup balls for the inaugural staging of the Atlantic Challenge Cup.

The Atlantic Challenge Cup is organized by the EPBF/IBPF in cooperation with the BCA/BEF.


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posticon   Posted: 2015-06-27 13:27


Atlantic Challenge Cup Streaming Announced

Organizers of the Atlantic Challenge Cup have agreed to grant streaming rights for the inaugural staging of the Atlantic Challenge Cup to Kozoom, one of the world’s leading billiard event streamers. As such, Kozoom has agreed to show the Atlantic Challenge Cup through their multimedia platform.

Membership can be obtained on the Kozoom website www.kozoom.com or you can find the live stream link on the Atlantic Challenge Cup website. www.x-patspoolleagues.com/#!atlantic-challenge-cup/c5ay

A 10 day pass will cost 24.99 Euros which will also give you access to replays in case you miss the matches. An annual pass is just 99.00 Euros and will give subscribers access to all the European pool scene for the entire year with hundreds of hours of replays, including the upcoming European Championships and Eurotour.

To promote the event and show the quality of the streaming involved, organizers will provide Wednesday evening’s session completely free to everyone, as long as you register via the Kozoom website. Beginning Thursday subscribers will be required to purchase a pass to watch these young guns do battle.

The event features the best six junior players (four boys and two girls) from Europe and America in a competition to see who will have the bragging rights across the Atlantic.

The event takes place at Patricks Canadian Tavern in Rankweil, Austria from the 1st to the 4th of July, 2015. The official match table is supplied by Dynamic Billard and the official cloth is Iwan Simonis 860. Saluc will supply the Aramith TV Pro-Cup balls for the inaugural staging of the Atlantic Challenge Cup.

The Atlantic Challenge Cup is organized by the EPBF/IBPF in cooperation with the BCA/BEF.


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posticon   Posted: 2015-07-02 10:07


Atlantic Challenge Cup First Day Lineup Announced

As the long awaited start of the inaugural Atlantic Challenge Cup fast approaches, the lineup for the first day’s Matches have been announced.
The first match sees all players playing one rack each in a team race to six followed by two triples consisting of two boys and one girl. Each player will be playing a rack each to gain a point for their respective continents in an overall race to 11 points. The first team to reach 11 will be crowned Atlantic Challenge Cup champions and will be taking the spoils home with them.
Tonight's matches, starting at 19.30h local time, will be streamed live and free for everyone to watch as long as you register via the Kozoom web site. A link can be found through the official Atlantic Challenge Cup web pages, www.x-patspoolleagues.com/#!atlantic-challenge-cup/c5ay, along with the match schedule and results.

From Thursday onwards a pass will be required and costs just 24.99 Euros and you can also see replays and hundreds of hours of pre recorded matches. A yearly pass costs 99.00 Euros and gives you full access to a complete year of European pool at its best.

Matchroom Sport, the producers of the Mosconi Cup have kindly provided tickets to several events that they produce, including the Mosconi Cup and these tickets will be on offer for the general public via some competitions.
The event features the best six junior players (four boys and two girls) from Europe and America in a competition to see who will have the bragging rights across the Atlantic.

The event takes place at Patricks Canadian Tavern in Rankweil, Austria from the 1st to the 4th of July, 2015. The official match table is supplied by Dynamic Billard and the official cloth is Iwan Simonis 860. Saluc will supply the Aramith TV Pro-Cup balls for the inaugural staging of the Atlantic Challenge Cup.

The Atlantic Challenge Cup is organized by the EPBF/IBPF in cooperation with the BCA/BEF.


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posticon   Posted: 2015-07-02 10:11


CSI Presents The 2015 Kamui Challenge: Jayson Shaw vs Corey Deuel

CueSports International, Henderson, Nevada (June 30, 2015) – CSI is proud to present the 2015 Kamui Challenge: Jayson Shaw vs. Corey Deuel. The match will take place July 22, 2015 during the BCAPL & USAPL National Championships at the beautiful Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Those participating in the BCAPL or USAPL National Championships can watch in person for free. Those not in attendance can watch via the pay-per-view live stream. Thanks to Kamui for making this match possible!

A Scotland native, Shaw has risen quickly to become one of the most feared players on American soil.  His rapid fire style of play shows pure confidence and often ignites the crowd in disbelief.

Recent Accomplishments
2015 Turning Stone XXIII Champion
2015 Ginky Memorial Champion
2015 SBE Pro Player's Championship Runner-Up
2015 Derby City Classic 14.1 Challenge Runner-Up
2014 Turning Stone XXII Champion
2014 CSI Invitational 10-Ball Championship - 3rd
2014 US Bar Table Championships 10-Ball - 3rd

Deuel has long been one of top professional players in the U.S. He plays all games well and is generally considered a mastermind when it comes to strategy, racking, and breaking techniques.

Recent Accomplishments
2015 Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball Champion
2015 Smokin Aces 9-Ball Open Champion
2015 SBE One Pocket Player's Championship Runner-Up
2014 US Bar Table Championships 8-Ball Champion
2014 OB Challenge Champion
2014 Mosconi Cup USA Team Member
2014 Smokin Aces 9-Ball Open Runner-Up

Official Webpage: www.playcsipool.com/2015-kamui-challenge.html

CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and USA Pool League. CSI also produces events such as the US Bar Table Championships, Jay Swanson Memorial, US Open One Pocket Championship, US Open 8-Ball Championship and US Open 10-Ball Championship. Visit www.playcsipool.com for more information about CSI and its divisions.

CueSports International (CSI) ◊ 2041 Pabco Rd., Henderson, NV 89011 ◊ 702-719-7665 ◊ 866-USA-POOL


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posticon   Posted: 2015-07-02 10:16


Europe edge the USA on the first day of the Atlantic Challenge Cup

Europe take the lead over USA in today’s first matches 2-1 and can sleep easy now the first nerves are over. Playing in front of the cameras and in a setting that is unfamiliar for most of these young players, it was a nervy start for both teams.

In the first match of the day, both teams had all players involved playing one rack each in a race to six. It was Europe who took the first match with a convincing win 6-3 after wins for Maxim Dudanets, Kristina Tkach, Marharyta Fefilava & Daniel Tangudd with the latter two players winning both their matches.

The second match saw a team of three playing the same format and this time the USA team flew out of the blocks. The team, consisting of Nick Evans, Drake Niepoetter & Taylor Hansen took a 2-0 lead, then went 3-1 up after Nick Evans beat Patryk Statkiewicz. Nick again won his next match to put USA on the hill and it was down to Drake Niepoetter to gain the point for USA by beating the strong Raphael Wahl and level the overall score 1-1.

This left a nail biter of a conclusion for the day as one of these teams would go to bed with a lead and a good night’s rest. With the match all square at 3-3, it had hill-hill written all over it until suddenly, team Europe found another gear. Wins for Maxim Dudanets, Daniel Tangudd put Europe on the hill and it was Marharyta Fefilava's victory over April Larson that sealed the victory and ensured Europe start day two with a slender lead.

A link can be found through the official Atlantic Challenge Cup web pages www.x-patspoolleagues.com/#!atlantic-challenge-cup/c5ay along with the match schedule and results.

The event features the best six junior players (four boys and two girls) from Europe and America in a competition to see who will have the bragging rights across the Atlantic.

The event takes place at Patricks Canadian Tavern in Rankweil, Austria from the 1st to the 4th of July, 2015. The official match table is supplied by Dynamic Billard and the official cloth is Iwan Simonis 860. Saluc will supply the Aramith TV Pro-Cup balls for the inaugural staging of the Atlantic Challenge Cup.

The Atlantic Challenge Cup is organized by the EPBF/IBPF in cooperation with the BCA/BEF.


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posticon   Posted: 2015-07-09 07:55


Pool on TV in Austria

According to our latest information, the Austrian TV station ORF Sport+ will broadcast a summary of the recent Euro-Tour which took place in Baunatal, Germany. The 63 minute program will feature a highlights show of the final match of the women's event between Austria's Jasmin Ouschan and Katarzyna Wesolowska from Poland.

These are the scheduled broadcasting times:
Sa, Jul 11    23:15     02:15
Su, Jul 12    02:15     05:15
Mo, Jul 13 14:15     17:15
Tu, Jul 14    05:15     08:15    17:15    20:15

Ouschan managed to win the event undefeated and conquered the time with a convincing 7:3 victory over Wesolowska in the final match.


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posticon   Posted: 2015-07-19 08:00


Top Class Snooker Returns To Cardiff

The world’s best snooker players will be back at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff in February for the 2016 Welsh Open.

The world ranking event was staged in the Welsh capital last year with 128 players competing for the trophy, giving fans the chance to watch many of their heroes in action, including Ronnie O’Sullivan, Judd Trump, John Higgins, Jimmy White and home favourites Mark Williams, Matthew Stevens and Michael White. Higgins won the title, beating Ben Woollaston 9-3 in the final.

The BBC Wales-televised tournament returns to the same venue and will run 15-21 February, with tickets now on sale.

An initial HALF PRICE OFFER means that all-day tickets start at just £6 – incredible value to see the best green baize kings on the planet! Fans are strongly urged to book fast as this remarkable offer will not last long.

For details call 02920 224488 or visit www.worldsnooker.com/tickets

Two-time World Champion Williams, from Cwm, got to the semi-finals last season before a narrow 6-5 defeat against Woollaston. He said: “I was delighted to see the event staged in Cardiff, it’s one of the best venues on the circuit.”

Williams, age 40, underwent rotator cuff surgery on his shoulder earlier this month. “I had been struggling with it for nine months so I had to have the operation,” he said. “The doctors said the operation went fine, though it is still painful.

“I was hoping to play in the Riga Open in Latvia in two weeks time, but I tried to practise this week and it was very difficult so I will wait and see. I don’t want to risk coming back too early, though it is boring sitting around doing nothing when I’d rather be playing snooker.”

Williams believes Welsh snooker is in good hands, with Michael White and Jamie Jones enjoying recent success. “I’ve been saying for a while that Michael would win tournaments and he has proved me right this year,” added the former world number one. “Jamie got to the semi-finals in Australia this month and hopefully he can kick on. It looks like China has many of the best young players, but it’s good that Wales has those two with a lot of potential.”


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posticon   Posted: 2015-07-22 10:09



We inform you that GORINA CLOTH will be present in BCA EXPO 2015 Las Vegas in the Booth #424 together with our distributor in USA Muellers Recreational Products from 5th to 7th August.

In case you attend the EXPO it would be a pleasure to receive your visit.

Best Regards.

Carles Oller


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posticon   Posted: 2015-07-27 11:37


Llandudno To Stage Snooker’s World Grand Prix

The best snooker players on the planet will be back in Llandudno next March for the World Grand Prix.

The tournament was new to the calendar last season and received a fantastic reception in North Wales. It proved a great success as fans flocked to Venue Cymru to see an array of green baize stars including Ronnie O’Sullivan, Judd Trump, John Higgins and Mark Selby.

This season’s World Grand Prix runs from March 8 to 13 at the same venue in the beautiful coastal town of Llandudno. Tickets are on sale now and they are already selling fast. All supporters are strongly urged to book fast and make sure of their seats, as many sessions will sell out rapidly.

And for a limited time only there is a HALF PRICE OFFER for standard tickets for the first three days of the tournament, from Tuesday March 8 to Thursday March 10. That means you can buy a ticket to see top class sporting action from just £5…amazing value! For details call 01492 872000 or visit www.worldsnooker.com/tickets

The 2016 World Grand Prix will be a ranking event for the first time, with money earned to count towards the world ranking list. The field for the ITV4-televised event will comprise 32 players, chasing the trophy and a top prize of £100,000.

A unique ranking list will run from the 2015 Australian Goldfields Open until the 2016 Gdynia Open, with the top 32 players on that list to be eligible to enter the World Grand Prix.

Young potting sensation Judd Trump won the title last season, coming from 7-4 down in a superb final to beat Ronnie O’Sullivan 10-7. “The World Grand Prix is a fantastic addition to the calendar,” said the player nicknamed The Ace. “I’m pleased to see it become a ranking event because that means there is more at stake and it will help the tournament grow.

“The crowds in Llandudno were brilliant last time and I thrive on that type of atmosphere. It was a great result for me to beat Ronnie in the final and hopefully I’ll be back defending my title next March, with a lot of support.”


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posticon   Posted: 2015-07-28 20:05


U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship Status Report
July 27, 2015

As of today, July 27, 2015, the requirements necessary for WPA sanctioning of the 2015 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship has been fulfilled. The required $75,000 in added money is now accounted for and approved by Accu-Stats Video Productions and the WPA. All prize monies will be paid from the Bank of America escrow account in Norfolk, Virginia. This awards the event a “WPA Tier 2” status which encourages worldwide participation.

The Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel is also ready to provide the necessary space and comforts at discounted rates for the tournament contestants as well as attendees. To reserve hotel rooms, call 757-622-6664. Use code “USOPEN” for the $89 room rate. See your savings by going to sheratonnorfolkwaterside.com to compare the rates for everyone else! The city of Norfolk is also a sponsor in this event and looks forward to everyone’s arrival.

The seating is spread through four undivided convention rooms, similar to the Conference Center in Chesapeake. The TV Arena will be centered in the spacious ballroom. VIP and General Admission seats are now open to the general public through ticketfly.com.
Go to www.usopen9ballchampionships.com/fans.php for ticket purchases.

Norfolk attractions you should consider while in town:

American Rover Sailing Cruise
Nauticus/Battleship Wisconsin
Chrysler Museum of Art
Naval Station Norfolk Tour
Chrysler Museum Glass Studio
Norfolk Botanical Garden
d’ART Center
Norfolk History Museum
Hampton Roads Naval Museum
Norfolk Fire-Rescue Museum
Hermitage Museum & Gardens
Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church
Hunter House Victorian Museum
Spirit of Norfolk
MacArthur Memorial
Victory Rover Naval Base Cruise
Moses Myers House
Virginia Zoo

Go to Accu-Stats.com to pay entry fees.
All entry fees are escrowed by Accu-Stats.
All prize monies will be paid by Accu-Stats.
To reserve hotel rooms, call 757-622-6664.
To purchase seating tickets, go to www.usopen9ballchampionships.com/fans.php.
To reserve BCA Hall of Fame Dinner tickets, call 312-341-1110 ext 2004.

Any questions regarding this report should be directed to Pat Fleming.
Phone: 973-838-7089
Email: patscue@yahoo.coom

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posticon   Posted: 2015-07-30 10:54


See Snooker Stars Free In Barnsley

Snooker fans will have another chance to see a host of green baize stars for FREE when the Shanghai Masters qualifiers take place at the Barnsley Metrodome next week.

For the third consecutive year, World Snooker is providing free access to supporters to attend the qualifying rounds of world ranking events at the South Yorkshire venue.

This time the event runs from Wednesday August 5th to Sunday August 9th, with the 16 winners to go through to the final stages in Shanghai in September.

There is no need to book tickets, fans can just turn up at the Metrodome on the day and gain free entry to the arena to watch the sport played at the highest level - live.

Session times on each day are 10am, 2.30pm and 7pm, with all matches the best of nine frames.

Snooker legend Jimmy White enters the fray on Wednesday at 10am and will face talented Leeds-based potter Oliver Lines, who won the Rookie of the Year award after a promising debut season.

Other crowd favourites in action over the five days include Tony Drago, James Wattana, Luca Brecel, Matthew Stevens, Dominic Dale, Ali Carter and former World Champions Peter Ebdon and Ken Doherty.

For the full draw and format see www.worldsnooker.com

A spokesman for World Snooker said: “Once again we are delighted to give fans the chance to see top quality snooker for free. It’s our way of paying gratitude to the supporters who attend many of our events, as well as a fantastic chance for new fans to get involved.”


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posticon   Posted: 2015-08-04 10:29


Hawkins Rules In Riga

Barry Hawkins won the first Kreativ Dental Clinic European Tour event of the season, beating Tom Ford 4-1 in the final of the Kaspersky Lab Riga Open.

World number eight Hawkins captured his first title since the Players Championship 16 months ago by winning seven straight matches in the Latvian capital. The former Crucible finalist pocketed the top prize of 25,000 Euros.

In the final, Leicester's Ford took the opening frame with a break of 67, before Ditton-based Hawkins levelled with a run of 65. He crucially won the third frame on the colours and then added the next two with top runs of 57 and 62.

Hawkins recently admitted that he decided not to enter the Australian Goldfields Open - the first ranking event of the campaign - in order to give himself fresh impetus for the season ahead, and his victory in Riga has clearly justified that decision.

"It feels great to win my first tournament of the season," said the 36-year-old. "I had two months off and put my cue away. I made the most of the break and it seems to have paid off.

"Tom is a class player who scores well when he gets going so I was pleased to beat him. It was a strong field with a lot of good players. If I can keep this form up I'll have chances to win more titles."

Earlier in the semi-finals, Hawkins beat Graeme Dott 4-1 while Ford saw off Ben Woollaston by the same scoreline.

The Kreativ Dental Clinic European Tour is a series of six events across the continent, with the top 24 on the final Order of Merit to qualify for the Players Championship. The next event is the Paul Hunter Classic in Germany from August 26-30.

Results (last 16 onwards)

Last 16
Ryan Day 4-1 Ken Doherty
Graeme Dott 4-1 Mark Allen
Barry Hawkins 4-1 Michael White
Alan McManus 4-1 Judd Trump
Matthew Selt 4-1 Shaun Murphy
Tom Ford 4-2 Rory McLeod
Ben Woollaston 4-2 Mark Williams
Liang Wenbo 4-0 Oliver Lines

Dott 4-0 Day
Hawkins 4-2 McManus
Ford 4-3 Selt
Woollaston 4-2 Liang

Hawkins 4-1 Dott
Ford 4-1 Woollaston

Hawkins 4-1 Ford


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posticon   Posted: 2015-08-04 15:18


Gibraltar To Host World Snooker Event

Gibraltar will host a professional snooker tournament for the first time when the fifth event on this season’s Kreativ Dental Clinic European Tour series takes place in December.

The televised stage of the Gibraltar Open will run from December 11 to 13 at the Tercentenary Sports Hall.

The tournament, which will run for the next three years, is supported by the Ministry of Sports, HM Government of Gibraltar and will receive extensive live coverage from Eurosport.

Many of snooker’s top players are expected to enter and they will compete from the last 128 stage. There will also be qualifying rounds for amateurs on December 9 and 10.

The 2015/16 Kreativ Dental Clinic European Tour is a series of six events, with the others staged in Latvia, Germany, Bulgaria and Poland. The top 24 on the final Order of Merit will qualify for the Players Championship in March.

World Snooker Chairman Barry Hearn said: “We are delighted to stage a professional tournament in Gibraltar for the first time. The European Tour has taken snooker to a host of different territories across the continent, helping us to develop as an international sport. We’re excited about the new Gibraltar Open and it’s the perfect chance for fans in the area to see the world’s leading stars.

"I have staged darts events at the Tercentenary Sports Hall so I know it is a cracking venue. We look forward to working with the Ministry of Sports in Gibraltar on delivering another fantastic sporting event."

A spokesman for the Ministry of Sports in Gibraltar said: “It is great to have yet another tournament of world standard in Gibraltar. Snooker is a very popular sport and followed by millions around the world. This will further promote Gibraltar as an events destination and it is a further example of promoting tourism.”

Ticket details for the Gibraltar Open will be available shortly. The entry deadline for players is November 5th, with the draw and format to be published after this date.


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