HOW Brand Tips

HOW Brand Tips

HOW is devoted to design and produce the most professional cue tips which give you the utmost control and feedback of cue ball while maintaining the robust power.

For production of professional tip, the most influential part is the selection of pig skin, HOW uses only 5% of the entire piece of first-class Japanese pig skin that is best for pool tips.

With the best material, we add less chemicals during our production process. This enables our tips to last at least four months at the same playability as first used.

The strict selection of our raw material enables players to have the best playability and balance on power, bounce, elasticity and grip.

• Pig Skin
• Laminated
• 14mm
• Made in China

Tips are 14mm and are easily trimmed to fit smaller size ferrules.

Price per tip, available in Soft, Medium, or Hard.

price: £27.31

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