Token Restocking Fee

Restocking Fee 1

Token Restocking Fee - Cues and Shafts

We like to look after our customers like no one else, and we hope you are satisfied with the service we provide.

We try to make your experience with The Pro Shop as pleasant as possible, and nothing is too much trouble for our cue buying customers.

However sometimes we need to recover some out-of-pocket expenses incurred through no fault of our own, and by paying this token restocking fee we also have an up-to-date order to log the progress of your customer service experience.

We try to keep the fuss to a minimum, and likewise the payment.

In this case, the fee is just an extra £9.45

If you have been asked to visit this page, it means The Pro Shop would like to recover the correct postage for the item/s to be resent to you.

We hope you agree this is just a token out-of pocket expense, as it just covers the extra postage incurred.

Please return the unwanted item and all packaging in perfect condition and we will restock it, and hopefully sell it to someone else in the fullness of time.

price: £9.45