Predator REVO Break Shaft

Predator Revo Carbon Composite Uni-Loc Break Cue shaft

Predator Revo cue shafts are the latest in billiards technology and precision.

The Revo Shafts feature an aerospace-grade carbon fiber composite incorporating more than twenty years of technological development and examination. The stiffest of all Predator shafts, REVO shafts feature the lightest front end mass, the lowest rate of rising taper (REVO 12.4 = 8%, REVO 12.9 = 5% over the first fourteen inches), excellent radial consistency, and exceptional long-lasting construction resulting in the most accurate cue shaft in the world at both low and high speeds. REVO shafts feature the smoothest finish, most spin, and unyielding durability available.

price: £587.94