Venom2 Shaft

Venom2 Shaft
Every Poison Cue comes with a Venom2 Shaft with DD technology built-in - and now you can get your hands on a spare.

  • Ferrule: 0.6"
  • Ferrule Material: Thermax
  • Shaft Length: 29"
  • Taper: Pro
  • Shaft: Venom2 with DD Technology
  • Tip: Sarin Layered Tip by Tiger Products
  • Tip Diameter: 13mm
  • Joint: Uni-Loc Bullet
  • Wood: Canadian Hard Rock Maple
Put some bite into your game. No low-deflection shaft in its class comes close to the Venom2 shaft that tops-off every Poison playing cue. Designed with our exclusive Double Density (DD) Technology and backed by Predator proven performance engineering, it is the equivalent of making the pockets wider and your opponents eyes bigger.

price: £154.00