Mezz PowerBreak Kai.

Boost Your Break

After years of R&D on breaking performance performance, Mezz engineers have created a more powerful and more accurate Power Break Cue by redefining the innovative technology of the Deep Impact shaft.

The reinvented Power Break Kai features the newly developed Deep Impact II shaft combined with the composite wood butt technology that delivers additional power, speed and accuracy. When using added speed needed for the break, the cue ball is often contacted off-target, The Power Break Kai is the solution to providing further power and control allowing you to dominate the game right from the start.

Deep Impact 2 Technology
The front end of the Deep Impact 2 shaft is re-engineered, with the white TG1 plate ferrule an Sonic Tip, to promote maximum speed and control on the break.

Sonic Tip
Mezz own sonic tip is designed for the demands of the break, allowing better energy transfer and amplified power.

White Fibre Tip Plate
The white fibre tip plate stretches and snaps back with the transfer of energy to power.

United Joint
The patented Mezz United Joint is the perfect adherence of the male and female parts that enhances energy transfer and distributes the energy equally even on off-centre hits.

Composite Wood Butt
The composite laminated wood used for the Power Break Kai is impregnated with a phenolic resin that increases cue power and control.

No Wrap
The wrapless design consists of a durable high gloss finish.

• Shaft: Deep Impact II
• Shaft Length: 29 inches
• Tip: Sonic
• Joint: United
• Butt Length: 29 inches
• Grip: No Wrap
• Weight: 19.0 - 19.5oz

PBKW-K (Black) - pre-order arriving November 2023
PBKG-K (Black with Sport Grip) - pre-order arriving November 2023
PBKW-P (Purple) - SOLD OUT

price: £469.00

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