Mezz Avant

Mezz Avant


Redefining balance. The groundbreaking AVANT provides unmatched customizability with its Dual Loading System. Optimum weight can be achieved through 8 differing bolts which can be utilised to adapt the weight in 0.25oz increments.

The first Avant model is designed to be sporty look and with two different wrap "linen wrap" and "non-wrap" to choose from. We will be adding more selection in designs in the future, so please stay tuned!!

The AVANT is sold as a butt only model.

• Joint: United
• Butt length: 737mm (29inch)
• Butt weight: Approx 15oz
(With 0.5oz bolt in forearm + 1.0oz bolt in butt end)
• Forearm: Composite wood
• Grip: Composite wood
• Wrap: Irish Linen
• X-Bumper
• Light blue dragon Juma inlay
• Light blue dragon Juma & Nickel Silver ring

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price: £369.00

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