Mezz Weight Bolt Set

Mezz Weight Bolt Set

The Mezz weight bolt set allows you to customize the weight of your cue to your ideal weight easily. The set consists of eight different weight bolts ranging from 0.25 oz to 2 oz. Now with the ease of adjusting the weight of your cue at your fingertips, you can attain what you desire instantaneously and efficiently.

Hex Key is not included in the set.


Weight bolt:

• TJ-0.25 (0.25 oz)
• TJ-0.5 (0.5 oz)
• TT-0.75 (0.75 oz)
• TT-1 (1.0 oz)
• TT-1.25 (1.25 oz)
• TT-1.5 (1.5 oz)
• TT-1.75 (1.75 oz)
• TT-2 (2 oz)

price: £37.00