Mid-Cue 5/16x18 Extension

Mid-Cue 5/16x18 Extension
1¾ Inch Aluminum Alloy - ideal for Meucci cues

Solid forward weighted pool cue extension for 5/16x18 jointed cues (Meucci for example), 1¾ inch extension conveniently fits between the shaft and butt to provide extra reach on some shots and adds something to the quality feel of a cues hit.

• Weight: Approximately 35 grams / 1.20 ounces
• Joint Diameter: 21.3mm / .839 inch
• Extension Length: 45 millimetres / 1¾ Inch
• 5/16x18 to 5/16x18
• Fits between butt and shaft

Some of the brands that have used the 5/16x18 joint type at some point in their production includes 5280, Action, Dufferin, Ginacue, Helmstetter, Huebler, J&J, Meucci, Orchid, Palmer, Players, Rage, Stealth, Sterling, Tad, Varner, and even Predator (before 2002).

This extension is designed to be used on every shot.

price: £19.99