Meucci Hall Of Fame 4

Meucci Gambler, Hall Of Fame Cue 4 - Hearts

Power Piston Technology

• Pin: 5/16x18
• Joint: Flat faced wood-to-wood
• Forearm: Power Piston Techonology
• Ebony colored forearm
• Four ivory colored points
• Four colored veneers
• Wrap: Urethane coated black Irish linen wrap
• Sleeve: Ebony colored butt sleeve
• Four playing cards set within a pair of thin white rings
• Six dice inlaid in a ring above and below
• Standard finish: Five-proof urethane coating
• Urethane coating over wrap
• Bumper: basic push in rubber bumper
• Weights: Everlock adjustable weight system

Meucci Black Dot Shaft

The Meucci Black Dot Bullseye Performance Cue Shaft is the most consistent, hi tech, performance cue shaft in the world. The Black Dot is made from 39 flat Northern Hard Rock Maple laminations. Radial Consistency is equal to Natural Hard Maple or any of the “Pie” laminated shafts currently on the market. Every Black Dot Shaft plays exactly the same whether you have 2, 3, 4, or more shafts with your cue. Unmatched by any other shaft.

• Tip: 12.5 mm Triangle
• Ferrule: 1/2 Polycarbonate ferrule for a soft hit
• Now made more durable than original
• Shaft: 39-Layer flat laminated hard rock maple shaft
• 29" long - gradual rise to pro taper
• Threads have brass insert

M.N. - I have one for you!

price: £735.00