Lucasi Hybrid Fusion LHF10

Lucasi Hybrid Fusion LHF10

Lucasi Hybrid pool cues combine unprecedented designs and quality workmanship with cutting-edge technologies to create the highest performance pool cues in billiards. Through exhaustive testing, Lucasi has identified the best features to bring you more accuracy, greater ball control, a more solid hit, less vibration, reduced deflection and a smoother stroke with every shot.
  • Tip: 12.75mm Kamui (Tan) Original tip
  • Ferrule: Zero Flex Point Ferrule with Lightweight Core
  • Shaft: 29in hard rock maple with total sweet spot construction
  • Joint: Cocabola, wood to wood
  • Collar: Cocabola with thick silver ring
  • Pin: Uni-Loc
  • Forearm: Cocabola and Thick Silver rings
  • Rings: Thick 3mm Metal Rings
  • Wrap: G5 Grip with X-Shox Dampening Technology
  • Sleeve: Cocabola
  • Plate: Black Implex with Lucasi Logo
  • Bumper: Black rubber

    • Cue Butt Technology
      Lucasi Hybrid cues feature a four-piece butt construction that brings increased durability and consistency and reduces vibration to give you a true feel for the shot and solid hit.

      G5 Grip Technology
      Golf style grip technology provides unprecedented traction and stability for increased ball control.

      X-Shox Dampening System
      Lucasi Hybrid’s patent pending shock-absorbing memory foam integrated in the wrap reduces vibration by more than 27% giving you a truer feel on every shot and decreases shot distortion.

      Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC)
      Each Lucasi Hybrid shaft is assembled using an eight-piece radial construction extending the sweet spot throughout the entire shaft which transfers the energy more efficiently for unmatched power, consistency and ultimate control.

      Moori Medium 9-Layered Leather Tip
      Using only the highest-quality pigskin leather, each layer is pressed and vacuum-sealed to create a tip with a uniform response that dramatically reduces deflection and maximizes cue ball control.

price: £729.00

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