Lucasi LZD-5 with 2 Shafts

Lucasi LZD 5 Pool Cue
Plus EXTRA shaft OB1 for Low Deflection

Lucasi Custom Cues bring you beauty and distinction by combining fine craftsmanship and quality touches with the high performance features you need to take your game to a whole new level. It is our goal to make cues that will not only look beautiful, but will keep playing faithfully for years to come.
  • Tip: 12.75mm Tiger Everest Tip
  • Ferrule: Zero FlexpointTM ferrule
  • Shaft: 29in Lucasi Zero FlexpointTM Solid Core Low Deflection Technology
  • Pin: Uni-Loc
  • Rings: Nickel silver rings sandwiching a turquoise ring
  • Rings: Design repeated on shaft, forearm and butt sleeve
  • Collar: Mystic Black
  • Forearm: Ebony stained maple
  • Wrap: Double pressed black Irish linen
  • Sleeve: Ebony stained maple
  • Plate: Black composite material with Lucasi custom logo
  • Bumper: Black rubber

    • Fine Craftsmanship, Distinctive Inlays and Impressive Performance
      We at Lucasi think quality cue construction starts with quality wood selection. That is why we only use hand-selected premium grade North American Hard Rock Maple for our cue shafts and do not bleach the wood. We want your cue to maintain its beauty and durability for years to come – bleaching may make the shaft appear higher quality, but it damages the wood, making it less durable and more susceptible to warpage, yellowing and breakage.

      Lucasi Quality Starts With Wood Selection
      The wood used to make each Lucasi Custom Cue is aged and dried for 18 to 24 months in specially-designed moisture-controlled rooms. While drying, each cue blank is turned and rested more than 11 times to ensure the proper amount of moisture. The wood is then treated with a patented wood stabilizer to protect the cue from additional moisture and help prevent warping for the cues lifetime.

      Real Inlays for A Distinctive Custom Cue Look
      Lucasi Custom Cue inlays are cut using a CNC machine that utilizes lasers to make intricate, precision cuts with zero gaps – resulting in stunning inlays that add a mark of distinction to your cue. Inlay materials include up to three separate cuts of exotic woods, including: Ebony, Cocobola, Bocote, Rosewood, Curly and Birds-eye Maple, Snakewood, Kingwood and Sonokeling; as well as a variety of metal, imitation stone and shell materials.

      Lucasi 15” Pro Taper for Better Follow Through
      This extra long taper lets the shaft slide more smoothly through your fingers for better follow-through. Each Lucasi Custom Cue shaft and ferrule is also coated with a special proprietary coating that creates the smoothest stroke possible.

      Premium Everest Tips for Superior Ball Control
      Lucasi Custom cues come standard with premium layered Tiger Everest tips – they hold their shape like a hard tip, hit like a medium tip and control like a soft tip – giving you almost unmatched ball control.

      Precise-Fitting Uni-Loc Joints
      Uni-Loc joints are the most precise fitting and solid-hitting joints in the world. A Uni-Loc joint pulls the shaft to the butt with 360 degrees of equal pressure and locks it in place with just one turn, ensuring a precise fit and superior shaft alignment each and every time you connect the cue butt to the shaft.

      Protected by High-Gloss Luxury Automobile Finish
      Lucasi uses a special high grade high-gloss finish on all of its cues – the same finish usually reserved for luxury automobiles – giving Lucasi cues a distinctive rich, luxe look and protecting them from fading caused by UV rays longer than other brands on the market.

      Feel The Rush Of Winning... It Is Your Game...

      ...It Is Your Lucasi


      Extra shaft...

      OB-1 Cue Shafts
      "Cue Ball Deflection" is just part of the story

      Why Should I Play With the OB-1?

      You should play with the OB-1 because it is the best shaft on the market. The OB-1 shaft with a Tip Diameter of 12.75mm has the best combination of the four primary characteristics affecting shaft performance:

      • Low cue ball deflection

      • Good overall shaft feel

      • Exceptional playing consistency

      • Efficient cue ball spin
      We all want to win more games. In order to win more games, we must miss less often. Playing with the OB-1 instills a strong feeling of confidence, and this is what is required to make more shots and win more games.

      How does it do this? The thing that most players talk about is how good it feels, and how confident they are playing with it. When you play with equipment you trust to help you make more shots and get better position, you are more confident and win more games.

      • Straightness

      • Unlike "Pie piece" laminated shafts, our shaft is made up from six "stress relieved" segments. Each of these segments is made from straight grained laminated maple and machined in a manner that removes the internal stress to help insure the shaft is straight and stable. These six segments are then assembled into the shaft "blank" that is the start of the OB-1.

      • Radial Uniformity

      • Due to the unique construction of the "blank" for the OB-1, the shaft has extremely consistent stiffness no matter how you rotate it. Any Flat Laminated shaft is always stiffer in one direction than the other depending on how it is rotated. What this means for you is that you do not need to rotate the cue to put a mark on the top before you shoot.

      • Control

      • The taper on the OB-1 is longer than most cues. In a normal shaft, this leads to inconsistent cue ball control. Due to the stiffness of the unique construction of the OB-1, there is no whippy or inconsistent feel. Actually, the longer taper combined with this stiffness gives you the benefit of increased cue ball spin when you need it.

      • Feel

      • By far the most common comment we get when someone hits with the OB-1 is how good it feels. Good performance and good feel are no longer mutually exclusive. With the OB-1, you get the performance of low deflection combined with a shaft that feels like a real shaft should feel. Part of that comes from the fact that our shaft is not hollow on the end. The final 4 inches of our shaft is all wood, including the ferrule. The other part of it comes from the use of a high density, vibration dampening foam in the core of the shaft.
      You have not felt "solid" until you have hit with the OB-1 cue shaft.

price: £637.00

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