Jacoby BlackOut No Wrap Brown

Jacoby BlackOut - Brown
Carbon Fibre Break / Jump Cue No Wrap

This powerful combination break-jump cue dominates the competition. It gives a powerful break while still having the ability to get you out of trouble with superior jumping.

The BlackOut has a two-piece butt construction, with the first piece ending 16” from the joint. This allows great comfort using a traditional stroke while performing the jump shot.

The cue also jumps extremely well as a full cue, giving you a great range of jump options. It has a black phenolic one-piece tip which is extremely hard, giving a player added power on the break while increasing its jumping ability.

• Tip/Ferrule: Black phenolic tip X 0.400” long
• Tip/Ferrule: Solid, one-piece ferrule/tip combination
• Shaft: BlackOut break shaft
• Shaft: Unidirectional carbon fiber with high-density foam center
• Shaft: 13.1mm diameter tip
• Joint Pin: Aluminum Radial
• Joint Diameter: 0.847"
• Break Jump Joint: Stainless Steel Radial - Shorter pin protrusion
• Joint Material: ⅝” Capped Black Juma
• Length: 58” - 29” shaft / 29” butt (16” Forearm/13” Handle)
• Butt Construction: Two-piece maple with break/jump joint
• Wrap: No Wrap
• Weight Range: 16.7-18.4 oz Natural weight range
• Weight Range: 18.9-20.5 oz Adjusted weight range
• Butt Cap: ⅜” Black Juma with 0.250” inlaid white Juma ring
• Butt Diameter: 1.250"
• Weight System: ⅜-16 6” Weight system
• Bumper: ⅜-16 Threaded-stem bumper

price: £779.00