Classic Speed 4 - UniLoc

Classic Speed 4 Pool Cue


The Classic Speed ​​cue series offers top quality at a fair price and impresses with its elaborate design with great attention to detail. The two-piece cues are made from hand-picked Canadian maple wood and processed in an exemplary manner. They feature a black Irish linen grip. The shiny high-end lacquer ensures a long-lasting shine and protection of the cues, and the standard shaft has a 6-layer tip.

Standard Shaft:
• Selected Canadian maple wood
• High-impacted ferrule
• 6-layer tips

• Shiny high-end lacquer
• Precise quick release joint, Uni-Loc™ Joint compatible
• Polished stainless-steel joint
• Exotic silver rings
• Black Irish linen grip
• Black butt cap
• Joint protector

price: £149.00

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