Aramith PRO CUP Cue Ball

Super Aramith PRO CUP Cue Ball
These are the genuine Aramith spotted cue balls as used on TV.

Super Aramith PRO CUP Cue Balls featuring a hardened vitrified surface with ultra-high density for exceptional scratch and impact resistance.

  • Impact Resistant

    Withstands over 50 times more impacts and is far more scratch resistant than polymer balls.

  • Burn Spot Resistant

    Resists the friction temperature of 482.F/250.C when the ball slips into motion. No flat spots on the ball, no white marks on the cloth! Keeps polish to minimise table cloth wear.

  • Lowest Operating Cost

    Aramith balls are a money saving investment. Last up to 5 times longer to assure lowest yearly ball cost. Will dramatically lengthen the life of your cloth.

  • The Ultimate In Balance

    The centre of gravity at the centre of the ball guarantees a perfectly true and accurate roll.

  • Perfect Rebound

    The elasticity of the phenolic resin is calibrated for optimal rebound to perfectly control the effect of every shot.

  • Worldwide Endorsement

    Professional federations worldwide have exclusively selected Aramith balls for their championships because of their superior quality.

Available in 3 sizes:

1 7/8" 47.5mm - English Pool

2 1/16" 52.5mm - Snooker

2 1/4" 57.0mm - 9 Ball (US Pool)

price: £28.49

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