The Pro Shop deliveries

Let The Pro Shop take the worry and uncertainty out of your cue purchase. We'll have your cue customised and shipped straight from the distributor, handle all the shipping costs, customs hassles and import tax costs, and deliver your personally customised cue to your door in perfect condition, and in a timely fashion.

We are a small company and therefore we cannot guarantee that your cue will be in stock. This means that when you order a cue that we do not have, we immediately place the order with our suppliers.
At this moment in time, cues are taking from 10 days to reach us from our suppliers. We, at The Pro Shop are aware that this is a long time and are doing our best to push our suppliers to the limits in getting delivery times and prices down.

Smaller items can be delivered much faster than this, we have plenty of popular items in stock, and can be delivered to you in a couple of days from payment.

We get great wholesale prices by ordering in bulk direct from the source, and we save on shipping costs by receiving bulk deliveries, we then pass on those savings to you. You can do the same by ordering all your items from us together - cues, tip tools, chalk, gloves etc...

Add multiple items to your basket and save packaging and the planet, as we combine all the products into one package to minimise waste.

Thank you for choosing The Pro Shop.