Pechauer Rogue Carbon Shaft

Pechauer Rogue Carbon Shaft
Separate yourself from the pack

Prepare to break free from the crowds and have your game stand out. Designed for deadly accuracy, the Pechauer Rogue Shaft is a marvel of innovation and engineering. The Rogue breaks the mold of standard carbon shafts by combining carbon-fiber technology with a high tensile aramid fiber, making this our most precise, powerful shaft yet. Make the change; go rogue.

• Joint diameter of .850″
• Shaft weight approximately 4.2 oz
• Pechauer Pechauer Jade Medium Tip with pad
• White 1/8 inch ferrule
• Black Collar Only
• 11.8 has a modified straight taper (like our P+ Lite)
• 12.4 has a 16 inch slow-rise taper
• 12.8 has a 12 inch slow-rise taper

Care and Maintenance:

• Shaft can be wiped with a dry cloth
• Small amount of furniture polish can be sprayed on the cloth.
• Do not sand

Special Order Item: Delivery times vary, but will be over 2 weeks.

price: £490.00

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