Festive Ball Decorations

Real Ball Festive Decorations
A full set of billiard themed novelty festive decorations.
  • Real ball material.
  • Strongly afixed hanging attachment points.
  • Hooks included (not shown).
  • Complete set of balls.

With all the timing and aplomb of an elephant ballerina, The Pro Shop once again makes the staggeringly bad decision to stock an item out of season... This time it's springtime and we're stocking a Christmas decoration item... A whole 8 months away from the appropriate festive season - just like we got the pool themed ashtrays and lighters just in time for the smoking ban!!!

Oh well, fingers crossed! ;o)

Despite all of that, these are absolutely gorgeous and any pool player would be "over the moon" to have a set of these decorations on their tree, come the festive season!

price: £31.99