Mezz WX-Σ (Sigma)

Mezz WX-Σ (Sigma)


The WX-Σ low deflection shaft features the straight pro taper design for a smooth and stable feel shot after shot. The re-engineered front end design combined with the XJ Powerplate offers further reduction in deflection for unmatched performance and consistency.


• Tip: Kamui Original (S)
• Tip diameter: 12.5mm
• Tip end: XJ Powerplate
• Taper: Pro Slim Taper
• Shaft length: 737mm (29.0inch)


• Shaft: Hard maple
• Ring: Silver

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XJ Powerplate
The XJ Powerplate has the strength to withstand impact from all angles received during a shot, and can efficiently transmit power to the cue ball.

WX-Σ Front End Construction
The XJ powerplate maintains strength at the front end, increases kinetic energy transfer to the cue ball and reduces deflection at impact.

Σ Pro Slim Taper
The 12.50mm Σ shaft has a pro slim taper that provides desired flex and balance points which gives players a natural stroke, better feedback, precision and control with more power.

price: £259.00

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