ProShot Glove

The Power of the ProShot Glove
How can it help your game?

90% of all shots are missed due to excess wrist movement; lateral wrist movement causes this. Do you know that just 1/16 of inch of lateral movement can cause the object ball to miss by as much as a full pocket.

With the ProShot Glove you can:

- Shoot straighter shots
- Be more consistent
- Eliminate excess movement in your stroke
- Improve English on the cue ball
- Minimize lateral wrist movement
- Create muscle memory to lock your wrist into proper position

The ProShot Glove Is a training aid and can be used in competition.
There are no rules that prohibit the use of the ProShot Glove.

Florian "Venom" Kohler says: "I just purchased the ProShot Glove this week & after having practiced at least 20 hours with it, I just wanted to congratulate you on the good work!"

"I am a trick shot artist & also an artistic carom player so I am really concerned about having the perfect stroke. This glove really helped me to lock my hand into position & also get a looser grip this week. Another interesting point is it also helped me for masse shots! I was really amazed, sincerely!"

"I guess I now will use it every practice day. But the story does not stop here, after having played 4 hours in a row artistic billiards, I just went to a poolhall & ran 2 racks in a row which is normally impossible for me after switching from the 3 cushion table to the pool table!"

Mika "The Iceman" Immonen says: I have used the ProShot Glove and I think it will help amateurs to improve. Anyone using the ProShot Glove will see improvement almost immediately.

The ProShot Glove is now available in Europe...
Get it now and start improving your game today!

price: £34.99