Great White Chalk

Great White Chalk
Take a bite out of the competition!

Great White is consistently being rated the number one chalk on the Market. It is 100% made in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Great White is only one of 2 Cosmetic Grade Chalks on the market and is priced where it will not break your bank account.

Every piece of Great White includes a Neodymium Magnet Ultracleared to the bottom of the piece so you have options on how you want to keep up with it.

Each piece weighs in at a whopping 25+ grams which dwarfs the competition and ensures you get will get months of use from each piece.

Your Chalk

Thresher OG (Optimal Grit) has 10% more abrasives than any of our prior formulas which may put it at the highest on the market.

The added abrasives give the OG formula more of a tactile feel for players that like to "feel" the chalk going on to the tip and will offer added friction when you get out on the edge. More abrasives also means less fillers so this is our cleanest version to date.

The colour is still the Thresher blue that was formulated to match Simonis Tournament Blue to keep the room owners happy.

Includes 1 piece of Great White new Optimal Grit formula in the Thresher color that matches Simonis Tournament Blue and a Dustcap.

• Made in USA
• Long lasting
• Tournament Blue
• Includes magnetised feature
• 25+ grams
• OG (Optimal Grit)
• Includes dust cap

price: £18.67