Kamui Chalk 0.98 - beta

Kamui Chalk 0.98 - beta
Grip the edge of your imagination

KAMUI dedication to playability and consistency is for the player to achieve the impossible.

We have 8 years of science and research to bring you the best billiard tip on the market today. With our 8 hardness levels, there is a KAMUI tip for any pool player.

Our dedication to improving the players ability has taken us to another level, the billiard chalk. The real function of billiard chalk on a molecular level is to grab the surface of the cue ball.

It took 2 years for Kamui to learn and understand the real principle of chalk. After exploring over 100 different formulas to achieve maximum grip for the Kamui billiard tip, the formula number 98 was the breakthrough. Kamui achieved what other manufacturers could not achieve.

KAMUI philosophy is simple. They are never satisfied with the products they produce. Kamui chalk #0.98 is a real breakthrough in allowing YOU to achieve your best performance.

See the difference between KAMUI chalk 0.98 and KAMUI 1.21

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