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Eclipse® Pro Dartboard

Eclipse® Pro Dartboard
Bristle dartboard

► Championship quality bristle board
► PDC endorsed
► World Champions endorsements
► Designed to maximise averages
► Unicorn high technology wiring design
► Completely staple-free construction
► Ultra-slim segmentation system
► 30% thinner than conventional round wire boards
► Increased target area, especially in Doubles and Trebles
► Ultra high visibility number ring and spider
► Staple-free Bullseye
► Free ‘Checkout Chart’
► measuring tape

There are many dartboards available for the discerning player to choose. There is only one dartboard, the Eclipse Pro from Unicorn, that is chosen year after year by the PDC to be used exclusively in all televised tournaments around the World. The unprecedented professional tournament play that Unicorn Eclipse boards endure provides invaluable feedback to Unicorn's engineers to monitor and continually improve Eclipse construction and performance.

TV cameras are unforgiving and the superlative live performance of Eclipse boards is visible and known to millions of viewers around the World. The Smart Segments used in all Eclipse family boards use Minimum Metal for Maximum Target, actively improving scoring averages and checkout ratios and minimising bounceouts.

At the 2002 PDC World Matchplay Championship, Phil Taylor - using Unicorn darts on a Unicorn Eclipse dartboard - scored the first live televised 9-dart finish and recorded the highest ever TV match average of 112.17.

At the highest level of the professional sport of darts, Unicorn Eclipse boards give you that vital edge to maximise scores in an ultra-low bounceout environment. Players and surveys around the World consistently rate the Unicorn Eclipse Pro as the finest board available from any manufacturer, bar none.

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