BRAD Cue Scuffer

BRAD Cue Scuffer
The Right Scuff!

• The BRAD Scuffer has been shaping and scuffing American tips since the 1960s! It is guaranteed grit.

• Tired of your cheap scuffer wearing out? Try the BRAD scuffer! You will never need to buy another scuffer!

• A slick tip just will not hold enough chalk to prevent miscues... The BRAD Scuffer solves that problem by lifting the leather fibres without removing the surface of your tip.

• Not only is the BRAD Scuffer the original tip tool, but it is the last tip tool you will ever need.

• Why? For starters, the simple-yet-unique design allows you to determine the shape of your tip, lifting the leather fibres wothout remocvong the surface of your tip.

• And the lifetime guaranteed grit means you will never have to buy a new one.

The Brad Scuffer
Often immitated. Never duplicated.

price: £22.99