25 x Talisman Trinity Tip

Tin of 25 x Talisman Trinity Cue Tip
Take your game to the next level!

Its time to amaze your friends by making the difficult shots, control the cue ball so you always get good position and take your game to the next level!

Introducing the new Talisman Trinity Pool (14mm) Tips in stock and available to order. Numbers are still limited while sort out some logistical problems so if you have been waiting try the Trinity Cue Tips now is your chance. As with all our other cue tips they are available in singles and in packs (25 tips per tin).

• 14mm Diameter
• Soft
• Medium
• Hard

Customer Testimonials

"The tips are amazing. I have played everyday since I have put the tip on which has been 4 months or so. No glazing over no mushrooming. I will be sticking with this great tip for along time." Joshua Hornbeck

"For your Talisman Trinity tip, I requested the hard one, firstly I though it will be difficult to shape, surprisingly it is very easy to shape even the tip is hard. The feeling when play is so firm and stable, I personally love harder tip but not dead hard like Omin red tip, this Trinity tip gave me what I always wanted. It is hard but with live, can feel the “bite” when hit the white ball. It gave me the great feel." Any Wong

price: £293.76

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