Zan 14mm Soft, Med, or Hard

Zan 14mm Cue Tips - Hard, Medium, and Soft
The sharpness like a celebrated sword - Zan tip-

The Soul of the Samurai Dwells on the Zan
"control" "sharpness" "elasticity" "durability" "sounds"
The high quality tip which pursued the five maximal elements

ZAN tip is a high quality laminated leather tip composed of eight pig and hog leather. Not only changing the pressure or time of press, but also using special leathers of each hardness made for tip only, we implemented firm solidity and high elasticity for it's special characteristic.

Hardness S(soft) using player: Naoyuki Ooi pro
ZAN tip soft has each leather's high recovery and elasticity.These characters decrease a phenomenon like stiffening instantly. It's ideal for players that persue good firm impact point and stroke which has long touch and minimum impact gap.

Hardness M(medium) using player: Kohei Inoue pro
ZAN tip medium is no doubt neutral setting.It has tasteful impact that combines soft's long touch and hard's repellent force. It's standards model that has control,sharpness,elasticity,durability,and sounds.

Hardness H(hard) using player: Kiyoshi Suzuki pro
ZAN tip hard has highest elasticity. The setting of ZAN tip hard enables you showing sharpness with less power. We let leathers have more elasticity than conventional `hard'. Thus it's also useful for decreasing miss cue owing to slipping and controlling cueball.

price: £20.38

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