Le Pro Tips 14mm (Box of 50)

Le Professionel cue tips


Le Professionel cue tips (or "Le Pro" as they are more commonly known) are sold pre-installed to many of the best cues in the world and are made by the Tweeten Fibre company.

For almost 85 years, Tweeten has been the name to trust in Billiards cue tips, chalk, and accessories.

They are the ONLY U.S. manufacturer of professional quality billiards chalk and cue tips, and are proud of their quality and dedication to our sport.

Discerning players INSIST on Tweeten quality.These cue tips are the finest Oak Leather available anywhere. Preferred by professionals. Packed 50 to a box in sizes 11, 12, 13, and 14mm, we only stock the 14mm... This is the best size with more leather for your money, you can trim to fit an pool cue.

price: £59.00

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