Rosewood "Crossfire"

Rosewood "Crossfire"
Ron Daniels - Twisted Turtle Custom Pool Cues

• This cue is 19.5 ounces
• Handle is 15 ounces
• Shaft is 4.5 ounces
• Indian Rosewood with 10 Twisted laminations
• Laminations of emerald green dyed veneers
• Maple shaft with pro parabolic taper
• Tip 13mm
• Joint 21.25mm
• Butt 31.5 mm
• Black Phenolic ferrule
• Tiger Emerald medium tip
• 3/8-10 x 3 stainless radial pin
• Ring work is green pearlescent and ebony
• Matching Pearlescent joint protectors
• Wrap is Spanish Bull leather
• Forearm and Butt sleeve are Indian Rosewood
• Emerald green dyed veneers

The "Crossfire" connotation refers to the construction technique of laminating 4 squares of material with veneers to produce cross hatch pattern

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price: £814.50