Poison™ Strychnine™ 4

Poison™ Strychnine™ 4
Elegance that takes no prisoners.

  • Ghost™ Joint.
  • Forearm Cloaked in Black .
  • Golden Oak Curly Maple Inlays.
  • Stainless Steel Ring.
  • Black and Brown Cushioned HI™ Leather Grip.
  • Stainless Steel Butt Cap.
  • Flat Poison Stamped Bumper.

      Fatal attraction. Sporty, fast, fierce... With a grip that clings obsessively to your hand and not the other way around. All while radiating a level of class that belies truly whiplash performance. Born of the latest technology and bred to win, Strychnine is for the aggressive player who prefers a refined look in battle.

      Venom™ Shaft
      Every Poison™ Cue comes with a Venom™ Shaft with DD technology built-in.

      • Ferrule: 0.6"
      • Ferrule Material: Thermax™
      • Shaft Length: 29"
      • Taper: Pro
      • Tip: Sarin™ Layered Tip by Tiger® Products
      • Tip Diameter: 13mm
      • Wood: Canadian Hard Rock Maple
      No competitor in it's class comes close to the quality and performance of the Venom™ Shaft on every Poison™ Cue. Venom™ Shafts benefit for a wealth of experience in shaft technology and design, including the Poison™ "Double Density (DD) Technology™ for accuracy that will make you believe that the pockets are wider!!!

price: £307.45