New Poison Strychnine Camber

New Poison Strychnine Camber
Proof that speed can kill!

In six "look at me" shades, with your choice of three grip options, Strychnine has all the "bells and whistles" of the finest sports car - with the aggression and best-in-class playability to match. Equipped with a Venom shaft with Double Density Technology and a Uniloc Ghost joint, Strychnine puts you in the driving seat of the meanest killing machine around.

Venom´┐Ż Shaft
Every Poison Cue comes with a Venom Shaft with DD technology built-in.

  • Ferrule: 0.6"
  • Ferrule Material: Thermax
  • Shaft Length: 29"
  • Taper: Pro
  • Tip: Sarin Layered Tip by Tiger Products
  • Tip Diameter: 13mm
  • Wood: Canadian Hard Rock Maple
No competitor in its class comes close to the quality and performance of the Venom Shaft on every Poison Cue. Venom Shafts benefit for a wealth of experience in shaft technology and design, including the Poison Double Density (DD) Technology for accuracy that will make you believe that the pockets are wider!!!

price: £277.00

This product is no longer available