ProPockets - 3 Replacement Sets

ProPockets - Replacement Set
3 Sheets of Pre-Cut Shapes of Double-Sided Tape

ProPockets - Replacement Set: Each sheet contains a complete set of perfectly pre-cut double sided sticky tape, for a quick and effortless replacement to re-energise your worn out ProPockets.

ProPockets - Replacement Set: Fitting could not be easier, simply peel off the protective paper covering and carefully apply to the back of the appropriate shaped pocket insert.

ProPockets - Replacement Set: Each set/sheet contains 12 pieces, that is 8 corner pocket shaped stickies and 4 side pocket stickies - enough to replace a whole table.


Buy this item and you will receive 3 sheets, that is 3 sets of replacement patches, enough for 3 tables.

price: £5.99