Lucasi LUX63

Lucasi LUX63

Top-tier pool cues, delivering the art of precision and an unbeatable edge in every game. From innovative tech to stunning designs, we redefine excellence on the table. Join the league of Lucasi champions today.

Lucasi Cue Technology
• Matte finish Midnight Black cue
• Imitation Bone Inlays
• Rose Gold inlay accents
• 3mm Rose Gold Rings
• Matte White handle
• Limited Edition, numbered cue with only 150 made

Lucasi Shaft Technology
• Lucasi® Zero Flex Slim 10-Piece Radial Shaft w/ TSC*
• 11.75mm Skinny Zero Flexpoint® low deflection ferrule for dead on accuracy
• Kamui Original Soft Tip for maximum control and consistency
• Professional taper
• Uni-Loc joint
• Black Collar

* Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC)™ - Ten-piece radial construction that extends the sweet spot throughout the entire cue shaft, transferring shot energy into unmatched power and ultimate control - no matter where you hit the ball.

Lucasi Hybrid pool cues combine unprecedented designs and quality workmanship with cutting-edge technologies to create the highest performance pool cues in billiards. Through exhaustive testing, Lucasi has identified the best features to bring you more accuracy, greater ball control, a more solid hit, less vibration, reduced deflection and a smoother stroke with every shot.

price: £899.00

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