Butt Protector 5/16x14

Cocobola Joint Protectors 5/16x14
Simple, understated, classic - one female, turned Cocabola wood JP's.


1 odd female protector for 5/16x14 cue butt.

  • Genuine, turned Cocabola wood joint protectors.
  • Prevent joint and collar damage.
  • Secure against chalk dust, dirt, natural oils and other grime.
  • Elegant protection with a natural look.

Not to be under-estimated, joint protectors are an attractive adornment to any cue, but they are more than that. Take it from someone who has received unnecessary joint damage to an expensive cue... Get a pair now... These are good, and cheap at twice the price!

Note: There is no shaft cap with this, hence reduced price).

price: £9.99

Special order item.