LimbSaver� X-1 Stabiliser

LimbSaver� X-1 Cue Stick Stabliser
Cue Stick Vibration can cause the tip to wander, greatly decreasing accuracy. The LimbSaver� X-1 Cue Stick Stabilizer keeps the tip on the ball longer!

The stabilizing effect of the X-1 leads to:
  • Dampened vibration of your cue stick.
  • Enhanced energy on your break.
  • Consistent English.
  • Controlled spin.
  • Easily installed - replaces standard bung.
  • More info about Sims Vibration Laboratories at
The new LimbSaver� X-1 is the greatest innovation in cue stick technology since the leather tip. Whether you are an enthusiast or a pro, the LimbSaver� X-1 is a must-have!

This "Expanding Collet" Model fits the following sticks: Action (plug models), Brunswick, Cuetec (plug models), Coker, Dufferin (plug models), Falcon, Imperial, Lucasi (plug models), Mali, McDermott (plug models), Meucci (plug models), Minnesota Fats (plug models), Palmer, Predator, Rocky, Schmelke (plug models), Tornado (plug models), and Viper Sterling (plug models).

price: £25.38