Cuetec HI-TECH

Cuetec HI-TECH
The Ultimate Cue Treatment

The ONLY cleaner approved by Cuetec to clean Cuetec cues, Cuetec HI-TECH is formulated using amino base polymers developed through research in the aviation/areospace industry.

Designed and formulated to clean, condition, and protect your Cuetec or other fiberglass/graphite cue.

Cuetec Hi-Tech will keep that factory smooth finish and insure a smooth stroke for the life of your cue.

The use of any other cue care product could permanently damage your cue and possibly void the warranty.

• Conditions graphite or fiberglass shafts to feel like new again
• Cleans shaft in seconds!
• Leaves an Ultra-Smooth surface!
• Removes dirt and grime.
• Fast drying with no "waxy" build-up.
• Works equally well on wood, fiberglass or composite shafts.
• Moisture resistant.
• Does not attract dust or dirt.
• Protects shaft from chalk penetration.

For graphite, fiberglass and composite cues it is the only product that is both safe and effective.

Contains NO petrochemical, silicone oil or waxes, and safely cleans and protects linen cue wraps, too.

Small enough to fit in your pocket or cue case, the bottle contains 1.35oz (40 ml).

Note: The Cuetec Hi-Tech cleaner/conditioner was specifically designed and formulated for our (now discontinued) SST series shafts, and is not recommended for our current AVID or Cynergy shafts. Instead, we recommend using either our included Cuetec alcohol wipes, or isopropyl alcohol (70% or higher) and a clean microfiber towel.

price: £12.99