Standard Width Pocket Facings

Standard Width Replacement Pocket Facings
Permanent rubber facings/shims fitted under cloth to protect rail and rubber ends.

  • Replace your old, worn, dried up and hardened shims with these.
  • Standard width end-pocket-facings/shims.
  • 12 piece set included for all 4 corners and 2 middle pockets.
  • Fresh shims/facings will help irratic pockets perform correctly.
  • Corner pad dimensions = 4.5cm x 9cm x 0.2cm.
  • Middle pad dimensions - 4.5cm x 6cm x 0.2cm.
Replacing your old pocket facings/shims with a fresh set is a really inexpensive way to bring a renewed life to a tired old table. Many pocket problems are caused by tired and solidified old rubber facings simply not doing their job - a fresh set should be on your list if your table is over a few years old and has been subject to plenty of play.

Additionally, you can use these end pocket facings/shims in combination with the thicker PRO SHIMS to really tighten up your Match Table to emulate the conditions at world televised events.

You, or your table fitter, must trim these shims to the same size as your existing pocket shims, (carefully use a carpet knife) to experience a professionally refurbished pocket.

price: £12.60

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