Thick Pro Pocket Shims

Thick Rubber Pocket Shims
Permanent rubber shims fitted under cloth reducing pocket width.

  • These products are used at all World Pool Championships.
  • 6mm thick rubber shims.
  • 12 piece set included for all 4 corners and 2 middle pockets.
  • The professional and permanent way to reduce pocket width.
  • Corner pad dimensions = 4.5cm x 9cm x 0.6cm.
  • Middle pad dimensions - 4.5cm x 6cm x 0.6cm.
Use these Pro Shims to tighten up your Match Table to emulate the conditions at world televised events, or fit them to your Practice Table to sharpen up your game.

You, or your table fitter, must trim these shims to the same size as your existing pocket shims, and then replace (or use in conjunction with) your existing pocket shims for a professionally and permanently shimmed pocket.

price: £14.99

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