Cyclop Hyperion

Cyclop Hyperion
Official balls being used on the GB 9 Ball Tour in 2019.


Our unique phenolic resin is made of high strength, anti-wear, and heat resistant material — ideal for billiard balls. But material color control is very difficult and vulnerable to external environmental impacts arising from changes.

We have succeeded in breaking the bottleneck. New color is much more softer & smoother. It shows high level of color control technology.


To provide the perfect color, each ball must go through a 16-step process and takes 23 days to complete. Employees must pass rigorous training before join production line. Clean room production workshop and precise temperature and humidity control, effectively reduce the external conditions which will effect color changes.


All equipment designed in house to join our unique and complex manufacturing process. And import from Germany & Japan.

Artificial intelligence robot plus fully automated productions line, dramatically increase capacity and product yield. While reducing costs and enhancing competitiveness of global markets.

Environmental Friendly

CYCLOP invest over 10 Million to set up water recycling system which compliance with the national environmental resource standards

7 steps of water purification treatment process to make sure everything from CYCLOP facility are meet national standards.


• Cleans easier and decreases chalk residue on the balls.
• Increase longevity of the ball shine.
• High elasticity and reaction fast.
• Low occurrence of static electricity, 20% of other brand balls.
• High sensitivity.
• High rotate speed after hit.
• Internal molecular density is high, batting power is not easy to penetrate.
• Sharp ball angle.
• Tail speed of the ball is high.
• The initial velocity of the sphere is slow.
• The cue ball truly reflects the reaction after hitting the ball.


Due to size and weight free shipping is only available in the UK.

price: £275.00

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